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2012 When the cat is near, the mice won't play: The effect of external examiners in Italian schoolsBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Rocco, Lorenzo
2012 When the cat is near, the mice won't play: The effect of external examiners in Italian schoolsBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Rocco, Lorenzo
2013 Does mental productivity decline with age? Evidence from chess playersBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Rocco, Lorenzo
2013 Laterborns Don't Give Up: The Effects of Birth Order on Earnings in EuropeBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio
2014 Pappa Ante Portas: The Retired Husband Syndrome in JapanBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio
2015 The causal effect of paternal unemployment on children's personalityAngelini, Viola; Bertoni, Marco; Corazzini, Luca
2015 Life satisfaction and endogenous aspirationsBertoni, Marco; Corazzini, Luca
2016 Does Postponing Minimum Retirement Age Improve Healthy Behaviours Before Retirement? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian WorkersBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Mazzarella, Gianluca
2016 The Ant or the Grasshopper? The Long-term Consequences of Unilateral Divorce Laws on Savings of European HouseholdsAngelini, Viola; Bertoni, Marco; Stella, Luca; Weiss, Christoph T.
2017 Parents, Siblings and Schoolmates: The Effects of Family-School Interactions on Educational Achievement and Long-Term Labor Market OutcomesBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Cappellari, Lorenzo
2017 Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence from Italian Local Labour MarketsBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio
2017 School Choice during a Period of Radical School Reform: Evidence from the Academy ProgrammeBertoni, Marco; Gibbons, Stephen; Silva, Olmo
2018 Parents, siblings and schoolmatesBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Cappellari, Lorenzo
2019 The Effects of the Vietnam Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction Program on SchoolingBertoni, Marco; Huynh, Quynh; Rocco, Lorenzo
2019 Ordinal Rank and Peer Composition: Two Sides of the Same Coin?Bertoni, Marco; Nistico, Roberto
2019 Promoting Breast Cancer Screening Take-Ups with Zero Cost: Evidence from an Experiment on Formatting Invitation Letters in ItalyBertoni, Marco; Corazzini, Luca; Robone, Silvana
2019 External Monitors and Score Manipulation in Italian Schools: Symptomatic Treatment or Cure?Bertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; De Benedetto, Marco Alberto; De Paola, Maria
2020 The Influence of Hidden Researcher Decisions in Applied MicroeconomicsHuntington-Klein, Nick; Arenas, Andreu; Beam, Emily A.; Bertoni, Marco; Bloem, Jeffrey R.; Burli, Pralhad; Chen, Naibin; Greico, Paul; Ekpe, Godwin; Pugatch, Todd; Saavedra, Martin; Stopnitzky, Yaniv
2020 The Long-Term Consequences of a Golden NestAngelini, Viola; Bertoni, Marco; Weber, Guglielmo
2020 Where Do I Stand? Assessing Researchers' Beliefs about Their Relative ProductivityBertoni, Marco; Brunello, Giorgio; Checchi, Daniele; Rocco, Lorenzo