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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Labour markets in the European Union : the European unemployment problemBertola, Giuseppe
2000Day-to-day monetary policy and the volatility of the federal funds interest rateBartolini, Leonardo; Bertola, Giuseppe; Prati, Alessandro
2000Banks' reserve management, transaction costs, and the timing of federal reserve interventionBartolini, Leonardo; Bertola, Giuseppe; Prati, Alessandro
2001The overnight interbank market: Evidence from the G-7 and the euro zonePrati, Alessandro; Bartolini, Leonardo; Bertola, Giuseppe
2002Dealer Pricing of Consumer CreditBertola, Giuseppe; Hochguertel, Stefan; Koeniger, Winfried
2003A Social Union for the EU? Pro: An EU-Level Social PolicyBertola, Giuseppe
2003The Structure and History of Italian UnemploymentBertola, Giuseppe; Garibaldi, Pietro
2004Verkrustete Arbeitsmärkte: auf dem Weg in die Arbeitslosigkeit?Bertola, Giuseppe
2004Consumption Smoothing and the Structure of Labor and Credit MarketsBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2004Creaking Labour Markets: Migrating into Unemployment?Bertola, Giuseppe
2006Consumption smoothing and liquidity income redistributionBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2007Private school quality in ItalyBertola, Giuseppe; Checchi, Daniele; Oppedisano, Veruska
2007Finance and welfare states in globalizing marketsBertola, Giuseppe
2007Household debt and credit: Economic issues and data problemsBertola, Giuseppe; Hochguertel, Stefan
2008Openness, financial markets, and policies: Cross-country and dynamic patternsBertola, Giuseppe; Lo Prete, Anna
2010Price, wage and employment response to shocks: evidence from the WDN surveyBertola, Giuseppe; Dabusinskas, Aurelijus; Hoeberichts, Marco M.; Izquierdo, Mario; Kwapil, Claudia; Montornès, Jérémi; Radowski, Daniel
2010Public and private insurance with costly transactionsBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2010Price, wage and employment response to shocks: evidence from the WDN surveyBertola, Giuseppe; Dabušinskas, Aurelijus; Hoeberichts, Marco; Izquierdo, Mario; Kwapil, Claudia
2011The Role of the State in Society - Government vs. Citizen ResponsibilityBertola, Giuseppe
2013Who Chooses Which Private Education? Theory and International EvidenceBertola, Giuseppe; Checchi, Daniele