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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Government Size and Growth: A Survey and Interpretation of the EvidenceBergh, Andreas; Henrekson, Magnus
2011 Growth Effects of Fiscal Policies: A Critical Appraisal of Colombier’s (2009) StudyBergh, Andreas; Öhrn, Nina
2011 Globalization and Absolute Poverty: A Panel Data StudyBergh, Andreas; Nilsson, Therese
2011 The Rise, Fall and Revival of a Capitalist Welfare State: What are the Policy Lessons from SwedenBergh, Andreas
2012 When More Poor Means Less Poverty: On Income Inequality and Purchasing PowerBergh, Andreas; Nilsson, Therese
2012 Public Sector Size and Corruption: Evidence from 290 Swedish MunicipalitiesBergh, Andreas; Fink, Günther; Öhrvall, Richard
2012 Income Inequality and Individual Health: Exploring the Association in a Developing CountryNilsson, Therese; Bergh, Andreas
2013 Labour-market integration of immigrants in OECD-countries: What explanations fit the data?Bergh, Andreas
2013 Trust, welfare states and income equality: What causes what?Bergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2013 Topping up and the political support for social insuranceBergh, Andreas
2013 More open - better governed? Evidence from high- and low-income countriesBergh, Andreas; Mirkina, Irina; Nilsson, Therese
2014 Accounting for context: Separating monetary and social incentivesBergh, Andreas; Wichardt, Philipp
2014 Trust Us to Repay: Social Trust, Long-Term Interest Rates and Sovereign Credit RatingsBergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2014 Explaining Cross-Country Differences in Labor Market Gaps between Immigrants and Natives in the OECDBergh, Andreas
2015 Pushed by poverty or by institutions? Determinants of global migration flowsBergh, Andreas; Mirkina, Irina; Nilsson, Therese
2016 The moldable young: How institutions impact social trustBergh, Andreas; Öhrvall, Richard
2016 Burying the bumblebee once and for all: Does big government hurt growth less in high-trust countries?Bergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2016 Does country level social trust predict the size of the sharing economy?Bergh, Andreas; Funcke, Alexander
2016 The future of welfare services: How worried should we be about Wagner, Baumol and Ageing?Bergh, Andreas
2018 Mine, Ours or Yours? Unintended Framing Effects in Dictator GamesBergh, Andreas; Wichardt, Philipp Christoph