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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007The ‘Great Moderation’ in the United KingdomBenati, Luca
2007Investigating time-variation in the marginal predictive power of the yield spreadBenati, Luca; Goodhart, Charles
2007Drift and breaks in labor productivityBenati, Luca
2007U.S. evolving macroeconomic dynamics: a structural investigationBenati, Luca; Mumtaz, Haroon
2007Vector Autoregression Analysis and the Great ModerationBenati, Luca; Surico, Paolo
2007Evolving U.S. monetary policy and the decline of inflation predictabilityBenati, Luca; Surico, Paolo
2007Joint estimation of the natural rate of interest, the natural rate of unemployment, expected inflation, and potential outputBenati, Luca; Vitale, Giovanni
2008VAR analysis and the Great ModerationBenati, Luca; Surico, Paolo
2008Investigating inflation persistence across monetary regimesBenati, Luca
2009Are 'intrinsic inflation persistence' models structural in the sense of Lucas (1976)?Benati, Luca
2009Would the Bundesbank have prevented the Great Inflation in the United States?Benati, Luca
2009Long run evidence on money growth and inflationBenati, Luca
2010Unconventional monetary policy and the great recession - Estimating the impact of a compression in the yield spread at the zero lower boundBaumeister, Christiane; Benati, Luca
2010Evolving Phillips trade-offBenati, Luca
2010Are policy counterfactuals based on structural VAR's reliable?Benati, Luca
2012Unconventional monetary policy and the Great Recession: Estimating the macroeconomic effects of a spread compression at the zero lower boundBaumeister, Christiane; Benati, Luca
2017Money velocity and the natural rate of interestBenati, Luca
2017Cointegration tests and the classical dichotomyBenati, Luca
2017Could the bubble in U.S. house prices have been detected in real time?Benati, Luca
2017What drives money velocity?Benati, Luca