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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Slow adjustment to shocks or true hysteresis? Lessons from the different labour market performances in Western Europe and the USAKösters, Wim; Belke, Ansgar
1998 Asymmetric shocks and EMU: Is there a need for a stability fund?Belke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2000 EU enlargement and labour markets in the CEECsBelke, Ansgar; Hebler, Martin
2000 Institutions and structural unemployment: do capital-market imperfections matter?Belke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer
2001 Venture capital investment and labor market performance: a panel data analysisBelke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer; Foster, Neil
2001 On the endogeneity of an exogenous OCA-criterion: The impact of specialisation on the synchronisation of regional business cycles in EuropeBelke, Ansgar; Heine, Jens Michael
2001 Institutions and Structural Unemployment: Do Capital-Market Imperfections Matter?Belke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer
2002 Fiskalische Transfermechanismen und asymmetrische Schocks in EurolandBelke, Ansgar; Baumgärtner, Frank
2002 Finanzmarktstrukturen und geldpolitischer Transmissionsprozess in der EWUBelke, Ansgar; Eppendorfer, Carsten; Heine, Jens Michael
2002 International coordination of monetary policyBelke, Ansgar; Kösters, Wim; Leschke, Martin; Polleit, Thorsten
2002 Unterentwickelter Risikokapitalmarkt und geringe Beschäftigungsdynamik: zwei Seiten derselben Medaille im strukturellen Wandel?Belke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer
2002 Venture Capital Investment and Labor Market Performance: A Panel Data AnalysisBelke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer; Foster, Neil
2003 Reform of the decision-making rules of the ECB Council in view of EMU enlargementFriedrich, Ingo; Belke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel; Meade, Ellen E.
2003 Challenges to ECB credibilityBelke, Ansgar; Kösters, Wim; Leschke, Martin; Polleit, Thorsten
2003 Erweiterung der EU und Reform des EZB-RatsBelke, Ansgar; Kruwinnus, Dirk
2003 Exchange Rate Volatility and Employment Growth: Empirical Evidence from the CEE EconomiesBelke, Ansgar; Setzer, Ralph
2003 Does Venture Capital Investment Spur Employment Growth?Belke, Ansgar; Fehn, Rainer; Foster, Neil
2004 Turkey and the EU: on the cost and benefits of integrating a small but dynamic economyBelke, Ansgar
2004 Contagion, herding and exchange-rate instability: A surveyBelke, Ansgar; Setzer, Ralph
2004 Towards a 'more neutral' monetary policyBelke, Ansgar; Kösters, Wim; Leschke, Martin; Polleit, Thorsten