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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Heterogeneous Firms, the Structure of Industry & Trade under OligopolyBekkers, Eddy; Francois, Joseph Francis
2011 Reallocation Gains in a Specific Factors Model with Firm HeterogeneityBekkers, Eddy; Stehrer, Robert
2011 Reallocation gains in a specific factors model with firm heterogeneityBekkers, Eddy; Stehrer, Robert
2012 Bilateral Exchange Rates and JobsBekkers, Eddy; Francois, Joseph F.
2012 Import Prices, Income, and InequalityBekkers, Eddy; Francois, Joseph F.; Manchin, Miriam
2012 Import Prices, Income and InequalityBekkers, Eddy; Francois, Joseph; Manchin, Miriam
2012 Bilateral Exchange Rates and JobsBekkers, Eddy; Francois, Joseph
2015 Sectoral determinants of foreign affiliate salesBekkers, Eddy; Macskasi, Indre
2017 Trade in Services versus Trade in Manufactures: The Relation between the Role of Tacit Knowledge, the Scope for Catch up, and Income ElasticityBekkers, Eddy; Landesmann, Michael; Macskasi, Indre
2019 The WTO Global Trade Model: Technical documentationAguiar, Angel; Corong, Erwin L.; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique; Bekkers, Eddy; Koopman, Robert Bernard; Teh, Robert
2019 Potential economic effects of a global trade conflict: Projecting the medium-run effects with the WTO global trade modelBekkers, Eddy; Teh, Robert
2019 The welfare effects of trade policy experiments in quantitative trade models: The role of solution methods and baseline calibrationBekkers, Eddy
2020 An economic analysis of the US-China trade conflictBekkers, Eddy; Schroeter, Sofia
2021 COVID-19 and global value chains: A discussion of arguments on value chain organization and the role of the WTOBacchetta, Marc; Bekkers, Eddy; Piermartini, Roberta; Rubinova, Stela; Stolzenburg, Victor; Xu, Ankai
2022 The impact of LDC graduation on trade: A quantitative assessmentBekkers, Eddy; Cariola, Gianmarco
2022 The impact of geopolitical conflicts on trade, growth, and innovationGóes, Carlos; Bekkers, Eddy
2022 Comparing different approaches to tackle the challenges of global carbon pricingBekkers, Eddy; Cariola, Gianmarco
2023 International trade cooperation's impact on the world economyMétivier, Jeanne; Bacchetta, Marc; Bekkers, Eddy; Koopman, Robert Bernard
2023 How will global trade patterns evolve in the long run?Bekkers, Eddy; Corong, Erwin L.; Métivier, Jeanne; Orlov, Daniil
2023 The potential impact of environmental goods trade liberalization on trade and emissionsBacchetta, Marc; Bekkers, Eddy; Solleder, Jean-Marc; Tresa, Enxhi