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2005 The perverse effects of partial employment protection reform: experience rating and French older workersBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Sédillot, Béatrice
2009 Sample attrition bias in randomized experiments: a tale of two surveysBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc; Le Barbanchon, Thomas
2010 Framing social security reform: Behavioral responses to changes in the full retirement ageBehaghel, Luc; Blau, David M.
2011 Information and communication technologies and skill upgrading: The role of internal vs. external labour marketsBehaghel, Luc; Caroli, Eve; Walkowiak, Emmanuelle
2011 Age biased technical and organisational change, training and employment prospects of older workersBehaghel, Luc; Caroli, Eve; Roger, Muriel
2012 Skilled labor supply, IT-based technical change and job instabilityBehaghel, Luc; Moschion, Julie
2012 Private and public provision of counseling to job-seekers: Evidence from a large controlled experimentBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc
2012 Please call again: Correcting non-response bias in treatment effect modelsBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc; Le Barbanchon, Thomas
2013 Robustness of the Encouragement Design in a Two-Treatment Randomized Control TrialBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc
2013 Replacing Churches and Mason Lodges? Tax Exemptions and Rural DevelopmentBehaghel, Luc; Lorenceau, Adrien; Quantin, Simon
2014 Unintended Effects of Anonymous ResumesBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Le Barbanchon, Thomas