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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Risk Sharing and Moral Hazard with a Stability PactBeetsma, Roel; Jensen, Henrik
2000 Why Pay More? Corporate Tax Avoidance through Transfer Pricing in OECD CountriesBartelsman, Eric J.; Beetsma, Roel
2000 Profit Shifting and Productivity MismeasurementBartelsman, Eric J.; Beetsma, Roel
2000 Why pay more? Corporate Tax Avoidance through Transfer Pricing in OECD CountriesBartelsman, Eric J.; Beetsma, Roel
2001 Structural Distortions and Decentralized Fiscal Policies in EMUBeetsma, Roel; Bovenberg, Lans
2001 Is Fiscal Policy Coordination in EMU Desirable?Beetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier; Klaassen, Frank
2001 The Budgeting and Economic Consequences of Ageing in The NetherlandsBeetsma, Roel
2002 Monetary and fiscal policy interactions in a micro-founded model of a monetary unionBeetsma, Roel; Jensen, Henrik
2004 What are the spill-overs from fiscal shocks in Europe? An empirical analysisGiuliodori, Massimo; Beetsma, Roel
2005 The effect of monetary unification on public debt and its real returnBeetsma, Roel; Vermeylen, Koen
2005 Implementing the stability and growth pact: enforcement and procedural flexibilityBeetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier
2007 Pension systems, ageing and the stability and growth pactBeetsma, Roel; Oksanen, Heikki
2008 Intergenerational risk sharing, pensions and endogenous labor supply in general equilibriumBeetsma, Roel; Romp, Ward E.; Vos, Siert J.
2009 Inter- and intra-generational consequences of pension buffer policy under demographic, financial and economic shocksBucciol, Alessandro; Beetsma, Roel
2010 Discretionary fiscal policy: Review and estimates for the EUBeetsma, Roel; Giuliodori, Massimo
2010 Differentiating Indexation in Dutch Pension FundsBeetsma, Roel; Bucciol, Alessandro
2011 Risk sharing in defined-contribution funded pension systemsBeetsma, Roel; Alessandro, Bucciol
2011 The changing macroeconomic response to stock market volatility shocksBeetsma, Roel; Giuliodori, Massimo
2011 From First-Release to Ex-Post Fiscal Data: Exploring the Sources of Revision Errors in the EUBeetsma, Roel; Bluhm, Benjamin; Giuliodori, Massimo; Wierts, Peter
2011 Voluntary Participation and Intergenerational Risk Sharing in a Funded Pension SystemBeetsma, Roel; Romp, Ward; Vos, Siert J.