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1997 Wage and Test Score Dispersion: Some International EvidenceBedard, Kelly; Ferrall, Christopher
1997 Educational Streaming, Occupational Choice, and the Distribution of WagesBedard, Kelly
1997 Standardized Mortality Ratios in Capitation Funding Models: Emiprical Issues from Canadian DataBedard, Kelly; Dorland, John; Gregory, Allan; Rosenberg, Mark
1999 School Quality and the Distribution of Male Earnings in CanadaBedard, Kelly
1999 School Size and the Distribution of Test ScoresBedard, Kelly; Brown Jr., William O.; Helland, Eric
1999 The Relative Earnings of Young Mexican, Black, and White WomenAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2000 The Allocation of Public School ExpendituresBedard, Kelly; Brown Jr., William O.
2000 The Location of Women's Prisons and the Deterrence Effect of 'Harder' TimeBedard, Kelly; Helland, Eric
2001 The Racial Wage Gap: The Importance of Labor Force Attachment Differences Across Black, Mexican and White MenAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2001 Does Single Parenthood Increase the Probability of Teenage Promiscuity, Drug Use, and Crime? Evidence from Divorce Law ChangesAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Helland, Eric
2002 Does single parenthood increase the probability of teenage promiscuity, drug use and crime?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2002 The decision to work by married immigrant women: the role of extended family householdsAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2004 Unhealthy Assimilation : Do Immigrants Converge to American Weights?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2005 Unhealthy assimilation: why do immigrants converge to American health status levels?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly
2016 Equal but Inequitable: Who Benefits from Gender-Neutral Tenure Clock Stopping Policies?Antecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Stearns, Jenna
2018 The Impacts of Paid Family Leave Benefits: Regression Kink Evidence from California Administrative DataBana, Sarah; Bedard, Kelly; Rossin-Slater, Maya
2018 Unequal Use of Social Insurance Benefits: The Role of EmployersBana, Sarah; Bedard, Kelly; Rossin-Slater, Maya; Stearns, Jenna