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2003Die effektive steuerliche Grenzbelastung von Investitionen: Das GKS-MaßBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2004A backward looking measure of the effective marginal tax burden on investmentBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2005Wie viel Aufkommen kostet die Einführung eines Konsumsteuersystems? Weniger als 1% des BIPBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2005Optimal tax policy when firms are internationally mobileBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2005Konzernsteuerquote und InvesitionsverhaltenBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens; Spengel, Christoph
2005Does Germany collect revenue from taxing capital income?Becker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2005Sind die Unternehmenssteuern in Deutschland zu hoch?Becker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2006Die deutsche Steuerquote: Konzeptionelle Fragen und internationaler VergleichBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2006Corporate tax Reform and foreign direct investment in Germany: evidence from firm-level dataBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens; Hemmelgarn, Thomas
2007Corporate tax policy and international mergers and acquisitions: is the tax exemption system superiorBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2007Tax Enforcement and Tax Havens under Formula ApportionmentBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2007Quality versus quantity: the composition effect of corporate taxation on foreign direct investmentBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2007Steuerpolitische Perspektiven der Unternehmensteuerreform 2008Becker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2007Tax competition and firm mobility: An assessment of empirical findingsBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2008Politicians' Outside Earnings and Electoral CompetitionBecker, Johannes; Peichl, Andreas; Rincke, Johannes
2008Politicians' outside earnings and electoral competitionBecker, Johannes; Peichl, Andreas; Rincke, Johannes
2008Tax competition: greenfield investment versus mergers and acquisitionsBecker, Johannes; Fuest, Clemens
2008Politicians' outside earnings and political competitionBecker, Johannes; Peichl, Andreas; Rincke, Johannes
2009The evolution and convergence of OECD tax systemsBecker, Johannes; Elsayyad, May
2009Taxation of foreign profits with heterogeneous multinational firmsBecker, Johannes