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2012 The Real Convergence of CEE Countries: A Study of Real GDP per capitaZarembova, Andrea; Lyocsa, Stefan; Baumöhl, Eduard
2013 What Drives the Stock Market Integration in the CEE-3?Vyrost, Tomas; Baumöhl, Eduard; Lyocsa, Stefan
2016 Stock market contagion in Central and Eastern Europe: Unexpected volatility and extreme co-exceedanceHorváth, Roman; Lyócsa, Štefan; Baumöhl, Eduard
2017 Networks of Volatility Spillovers among Stock MarketsBaumöhl, Eduard; Kocenda, Ev en; Lyócsa, Stefan; Vyrost, Tomás
2018 Social aspirations in European banks: peer-influenced risk behaviorLyócsa, Štefan; Výrost, Tomáš; Baumöhl, Eduard
2018 Network-based asset allocation strategiesVýrost, Tomas; Lyócsa, Štefan; Baumöhl, Eduard
2018 Are cryptocurrencies connected to forex? A quantile cross-spectral approachBaumöhl, Eduard
2019 Quantile coherency networks of international stock marketsBaumöhl, Eduard; Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain
2020 Increasing systemic risk during the Covid-19 pandemic: A cross-quantilogram analysis of the banking sectorBaumöhl, Eduard; Bouri, Elie; Hoang, Thi-Hong-Van; Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain; Výrost, Tomáš
2020 Stablecoins as a crypto safe haven? Not all of them!Baumöhl, Eduard; Vyrost, Tomas
2020 Fear of the coronavirus and the stock marketsLyócsa, Štefan; Baumöhl, Eduard; Výrost, Tomáš; Molnár, Peter
2020 From physical to financial contagion: the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing systemic risk among banksBaumöhl, Eduard; Bouri, Elie; Hoang, Thi-Hong-Van; Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain; Výrost,Tomáš
2021 YOLO trading: Riding with the herd during the GameStop episodeLyócsa, Štefan; Baumöhl, Eduard; Vŷrost, Tomáš
2021 Connectedness between energy and nonenergy commodity markets: Evidence from quantile coherency networksKhalfaoui, Rabeh; Baumöhl, Eduard; Sarwar, Suleman; Výrost, Tomáš