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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010A transatlantic zero agreement: Estimating the gains from transatlantic free trade in goodsErixon, Fredrik; Bauer, Matthias
2011Sub-Saharan Africa and G20 Responses to the Global Financial Crises: First, do not harmFreytag, Andreas; Draper, Peter; Bauer, Matthias
2012Market Discipline Under A Politicised Multilateral Fiscal Rule - Lessons from the Stability and Growth Pact DebateBauer, Matthias; Zenker, Martin
2012Minor Nuisance Around Foreign Exchange Markets - Lessons from the Stability and Growth Pact DebateBauer, Matthias; Zenker, Martin
2013Political Aversion To a Multilateral Fiscal Rule: The Dynamic Commitment Problem in European Fiscal GovernanceBauer, Matthias
2013Cumulative benefits from trade liberalization for the South African economyBauer, Matthias; Freytag, Andreas
2014A friendly fire on economic recovery: A methodology to estimate the costs of data regulationsVan der Marel, Erik; Bauer, Matthias; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2014Trans-Pacific partnership: A challenge to EuropeBauer, Matthias; Erixon, Fredrik; Ferracane, Martina; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2014The costs of data localisation: Friendly fire on economic recoveryBauer, Matthias; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2015Data localisation in Russia: A self-imposed sanctionBauer, Matthias; Hosuk, Lee-Makiyama; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2015"Splendid Isolation" as Trade Policy: Mercantilism and Crude Keynesianism in "the Capaldo Study" of TTIPBauer, Matthias; Erixon, Fredrik
2016Manufacturing discontent: The rise to power of anti-TTIP groupsBauer, Matthias
2016The EU's trade with emerging markets: Climbing the value-added chain and growing IP intensity?Bauer, Matthias; Erixon, Fredrik
2016Unleashing internal data flows in the EU: An economic assessment of data localisation measures in the EU member statesBauer, Matthias; Ferracane, Martina F.; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik
2017Unintended and unattended consequences: The opportunity costs of reducing exclusivity rights for intellectual propertyBauer, Matthias
2017Die Rolle der Nichtregierungsorganisationen in der GlobalisierungsdebatteKitschelt, Friedrich; Roth, Silke; Brunnengräber, Achim; Bauer, Matthias
2017The compounding effect of tariffs on medicines: Estimating the real cost of emerging markets' protectionismBauer, Matthias
2017Standard essential patents and the quest for faster diffusion of technologyErixon, Fredrik; Bauer, Matthias
2018Digital companies and their fair share of taxes: Myths and misconceptionsBauer, Matthias
2018Online platforms, economic integration and Europe's rent-seeking society: Why online platforms deliver on what EU governments fail to achieveBauer, Matthias