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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 What do we learn from recall consumption data?Battistin, Erich; Miniaci, Raffale; Weber, Guglielmo
2003 Errors in survey reports of consumption expendituresBattistin, Erich
2003 Another look at the regression discontinuity designBattistin, Erich; Rettore, Enrico
2005 Choosing among alternative classification criteria to measure the labour force stateBattistin, Erich; Rettore, Enrico; Trivellato, Ugo
2006 Misreported schooling and returns to education: Evidence from the UkBattistin, Erich; Sianesi, Barbara
2007 Why is consumption more log normal than income? Gibrat's law revisitedBattistin, Erich; Blundell, Richard; Lewbel, Arthur
2008 The retirement consumption puzzle: Evidence from a regression discontinuity approachBattistin, Erich; Brugiavini, Agar; Rettore, Enrico; Weber, Guglielmo
2008 Connections and performance in bankers' turnover: better wed over the mixen than over the moorBattistin, Erich; Graziano, Clara; Parigi, Bruno Maria
2009 Food and cash transfers: Evidence from ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio; Battistin, Erich; Mesnard, Alice
2009 Treatment effect estimation with covariate measurement errorBattistin, Erich; Chesher, Andrew
2012 Misreported schooling, multiple measures and returns to educational qualificationsBattistin, Erich; de Nadai, Michele; Sianesi, Barbara
2012 Threat of grade retention, remedial education and student achievement: Evidence from upper secondary schools in ItalyBattistin, Erich; Schizzerotto, Antonio
2013 Should We Increase Instruction Time in Low Achieving Schools? Evidence from Southern ItalyBattistin, Erich; Meroni, Elena Claudia
2014 Roadblocks on the Road to Grandma's House: Fertility Consequences of Delayed RetirementBattistin, Erich; De Nadai, Michele; Padula, Mario
2014 Counting Rotten Apples: Student Achievement and Score Manipulation in Italian Elementary SchoolsBattistin, Erich; De Nadai, Michele; Vuri, Daniela
2015 In a small moment: Class size and moral hazard in the MezzogiornoAngrist, Joshua D.; Battistin, Erich; Vuri, Daniela
2015 Roadblocks on the road to grandma's house: Fertility consequences of delayed retirementBattistin, Erich; De Nadai, Michele; Padula, Mario
2015 In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the MezzogiornoAngrist, Joshua; Battistin, Erich; Vuri, Daniela
2016 How manipulating test scores affects school accountability and student achievementBattistin, Erich
2017 Rising starsBattistin, Erich; Ovidi, Marco