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2001 Expansion und Überleben von Unternehmen in der Ersten Phase der GlobalisierungBaten, Jörg
2001 Große und kleine Unternehmen in der Krise von 1900 - 1902Baten, Jörg
2001 Produktivitätsvorteil in kleinen und mittelgroßen Industrieunternehmen, Sicherheit in Großunternehmen? Die Gesamtfaktorproduktivität um 1900Baten, Jörg
2001 Neue Quellen für die unternehmenshistorische AnalyseBaten, Jörg
2002 Autarchy, Market Disintegration, and Health: The Mortality and Nutritional Crisis in Nazi Germany, 1933-1937Baten, Jörg; Wagner, Andrea
2002 Did Partial Globalization Increase Inequality? Did Inequality Stimulate Globalization Backlash? The case of the Latin American Periphery, 1950-80Baten, Jörg
2003 Creating Firms for a New Century: Determinants of Firm Creation around 1900Baten, Jörg
2003 The biological standard of living in Europe during the last two millenniaKöpke, Nikola; Baten, Jörg
2003 Market integration and disintegration of Poland and Gemany [Germany] in the 18th centuryBaten, Jörg; Wallusch, Jacek
2003 Looking Backward and Looking Forward: Anthropometric Research and the Development of Social Science HistoryKomlos, John; Baten, Jörg
2008 Global trends in numeracy 1820-1949 and its implications for long-run growthCrayen, Dorothee; Baten, Jörg
2008 Trends of children's height and parental unemployment: a large-scale anthropometric study on Eastern Germany, 1994 - 2006Baten, Jörg; Böhm, Andreas
2010 Global Height Trends and the Determinants of Anthropometric Welfare, 1810s - 1980sBlum, Matthias; Baten, Jörg
2010 Poor, Hungry and Ignorant: Numeracy and the Impact of High Food Prices in Industrializing Britain, 1780-1850Baten, Jörg; Crayen, Dorothee; Voth, Joachim
2011 Growth effects of 19th century mass migrations: "Fome Zero" for BrazilStolz, Yvonne; Baten, Jörg; Botelho, Tarcísio
2012 Women Count: Gender (in-)equalities in the human capital development in Asia, 1900-60Friesen, Julia; Baten, Jörg; Prayon, Valeria
2012 Brain drain in the age of mass migration: Does relative inequality explain migrant selectivity?Stolz, Yvonne; Baten, Jörg
2017 European Trade, Colonialism and Human Capital Accumulation in Senegal, Gambia and Western Mali, 1770 - 1900Cappelli, Gabriele; Baten, Jörg
2020 Inequality, Low-Intensity Immigration and Human Capital Formation in the Regions of Chile, 1820-1939Baten, Jörg; Llorca-Jaña, Manuel