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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Does a third bound help? Parametric and nonparametric welfare measures from a CV interval data studyScarpa, Riccardo; Bateman, Ian J.
1998Transferring multivariate benefit functions using geographical information systemsBateman, Ian J.; Brainard, Julii S.; Lovett, Andrew A.
2001Visible choice sets and scope sensitivity: An experimental and field test of study design effects upon nested contingent valuesBateman, Ian J.; Cooper, Philip; Georgiou, Stavros; Poe, Gregory L
2002Investigating the characteristics of expressed preferences for reducing the impacts of air pollution: A contingent valuation experimentBateman, Ian J.; Georgiou, Stavros; Langford, Ian H.; Poe, Gregory L.; Tsoumas; Andreas
2003First impressions count: Almost double! : A study of the interaction of interviewer appearance and information effects in stated preference studiesBateman, Ian J.; Mawby, James
2003Non-cooperative decision: Making and measures of household surplusBateman, Ian J.; Munro, Alistair
2003Contrasting conventional with multi-level modelling approaches to meta-analysis: Exceptation consistency in UK woodland recreation valuesBateman, Ian J.; Jones, Andrew P
2003Modelling environmental equity: Exposure to environmental urban noise pollution in Birmingham, UKBrainard, Julii S.; Jones, Andrew P.; Bateman, Ian J.; Lovett, Andrew A
2004Scope sensitivity tests for preference robustness: An empirical examination of economic expectations regarding the economic valuation of politices for reducing acidity in remote mountain lakesBateman, Ian J.; Cooper, Philip; Georgiou, Stavros; Navrud, Stale; Poe, Grey L.; Ready, Richard; Riera, Pere; Ryan, Mandy; Vossler, Christian A.
2004Ooh la la: Testing the one-and-one-half bound dichotomous choice elicitation method for robustness to anomalesBateman, Ian J.; Day, Brett H.; Dupont, Diane P.; Georgiou, Stavros
2005Consistency and construction in stated WTP for health risk reductions: A novel scope-sensitivity testBateman, Ian J.; Brouwer, Roy
2005Asymmetric dominance effects in choice experiments and contingent valuationBateman, Ian J.; Munro, Alistair; Poe, Gregory L.
2005The social value of carbon sequestered in Great Britain's woodlandsBrainard, Julii; Bateman, Ian J.; Lovett, Andrew A.
2005Valuing risk reductions: Testing for range biases in payment card and random card sorting methodsBateman, Ian J.; Covey, Judith; Loomes, Graham
2006Reducing grains/loss asymmetry: A virtual reality choice experiment (VRCE) valuing land use changeBateman, Ian J.; Jones, Andy P.; Jude, Simon; Day, Brett H.
2006Incentivised experimental investigations of the affect heuristicBateman, Ian J.; Slovic, Paul; Starmer, Chris
2006Preference learning versus coherent arbitrariness: NOAA guidelines or a learning design contingent valuation (LDCV)Bateman, Ian J.; Burgess, Diane; Hutchinson, W. George; Matthews, David I.
2006Exploring the determinants of affect: Examining rating scale assessments of gamblesBateman, Ian J.; Dent, Sam; Slovic, Paul; Starmer, Chris
2006Catchment hydrology, resources, economics and management (ChREAM): Integrated modelling of rural land use & farm income impacts of the WFD and its potential non-market benefitsBateman, Ian J.; Brouwer, Roy; Davies, Helen; Day. Brett H.; Deflandre, Amelie; Di Falco, Salvatore; Georgiou, Stavros; Hadley, David; Hutchins, Michael; Jones, Andrew P.; Kay, David; Leeks, Graham; Lewis, Mervyn; Lovett, Andrew A.; Neal, Colin; Posen, Paulette; Rigby, Dan; Sheldon, Emily; Turnbull, Dawn and Turner, R. Kerry
2008Valuing spatially dispersed environmental goods: A joint revealed and stated preference model to consistently separate use and non-use valuesFerrini, Silvia; Fezzi, Carlo; Day, Brett H.; Bateman, Ian J.