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1998 The Assumption of Equal Marginal Utility of Income: How Much Does it Matter?Medin, Hege; Nyborg, Karine; Bateman, Ian
2003 What price peace? A comprehensive approach to the specification and estimation of hedonic housing price modelsDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian; Lake, Iain
2003 Is there loss aversion in buying? An adversarial collaborationBateman, Ian; Kahneman, Daniel; Munro, Alistair; Starmer, Chris; Sugden, Robert
2004 Testing economic models of the household: An experimentBateman, Ian; Munro, Alistair
2004 Nonlinearity in hedonic price equation: An estimation strategy using model-based clusteringDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian; Lake, Iain
2004 Ommitted locational variates in hedonic analysis: A semiparametric approach using spatial statisticsDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian; Lake, Iain
2005 The aggregation of environmental benefit values: A spatially sensitive valuation function approachBateman, Ian; Georgiou, Stavros; Lake, Iain
2006 Does phosphate treatment for prevention of eutrophication pass the benefit-cost test?Bateman, Ian; Day, Brett; Dupont, Diane; Georgiou, Stavros; Matias, Nuno; Moritomo, Sanae; Subramanian, Logakanthi
2006 Estimating the demand for peace and quiet using property market dataDay, Brett; Bateman, Ian; Lake, Iain
2009 Economic analysis for ecosystem assessments: Application for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA)Bateman, Ian
2010 Political affiliation and willingness-to-pay for publicly versus privately provided environmental goodsBateman, Ian; Dupont, Diane
2010 Economic analysis for ecosystem service assessmentsBateman, Ian; Mace, Georgina; Fezzi, Carlo; Atkinson, Giles; Turner, Kerry
2010 Testing the theoretical consistency of stated preferences for tropical wildlife conservationMorse-Jones, Sian; Bateman, Ian; Kontoleon, Andreas; Ferrini, Silvia; Burgess, Neil
2012 Non-linear effects and aggregation bias in Ricardian models of climate changeFezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian
2012 Integrated and spatially explicit modelling of the economic value of complex environmental change and its indirect effectsBateman, Ian; Binner, Amy; Coombes, Emma; Day, Brett; Ferrini, Silvia; Fezzi, Carlo; Hutchins, Michael; Posen, Paulette
2012 Using revealed preferences to estimate the value of travel time to recreation sitesFezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian; Ferrini, Silvia
2012 Economic assessment of the recreational value of ecosystems in Great BritainSen, Antara; Darnell, A.; Bateman, Ian; Munday, P.; Crowe, A.; Brander, L.; Raychaudhuri, J.; Lovett, A.; Provins, A.; Foden, J.
2013 The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: Nonlinear Effects and Aggregation Bias in Ricardian Models of Farm Land ValuesFezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian
2021 Understanding spatial heterogeneity in GB agricultural land-use for improved policy targetingSaart, Patrick W.; Kim, Namhyun; Bateman, Ian