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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Knowledge, technology and economic growth: recent evidence from OECD countriesBassanini, Andrea; Scarpetta, Stefano; Visco, Ignazio
2003 Is Training More Frequent When Wage Compression Is Higher? Evidence from the European Community Household PanelBassanini, Andrea; Brunello, Giorgio
2005 Workplace training in EuropeBassanini, Andrea; Booth, Alison L.; Brunello, Giorgio; de Paola, Maria; Leuven, Edwin
2007 Barriers to entry, deregulation and workplace trainingBassanini, Andrea; Brunello, Giorgio
2008 Job protection legislation and productivity growth in OECD countriesBassanini, Andrea; Nunziata, Luca; Venn, Danielle
2009 Looking inside the perpetual-motion machine: job and worker flows in OECD countriesBassanini, Andrea; Marianna, Pascal
2010 Barriers to entry, deregulation and workplace training: A theoretical model with evidence from EuropeBassanini, Andrea; Brunello, Giorgio
2010 Solow or Lucas? Testing speed of convergence on a panel of OECD countriesArnold, Jens; Bassanini, Andrea; Scarpetta, Stefano
2011 Working in family firms: Less paid but more secure? Evidence from French matched employer-employee dataBassanini, Andrea; Caroli, Eve; Rebérioux, Antoine; Breda, Thomas
2012 Dismissal protection and worker flows in OECD countries: Evidence from cross-country/cross-industry dataBassanini, Andrea; Garnero, Andrea
2014 Is Work Bad for Health? The Role of Constraint vs ChoiceBassanini, Andrea; Caroli, Eve
2015 Not in My Community: Social Pressure and the Geography of DismissalsBassanini, Andrea; Brunello, Giorgio; Caroli, Eve
2015 A Bitter Medicine? Short-term Employment Impact of Deregulation in Network IndustriesBassanini, Andrea
2017 Before It Gets Better: The Short-Term Employment Costs of Regulatory ReformsBassanini, Andrea; Cingano, Federico