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2006Announcement effects on exchange rate movements: continuity as a selection criterion among the REEBask, Mikael
2006Exchange rate volatility without the contrivance of fundamentals and the failure of PPPBask, Mikael
2006Adaptive learning in an expectational difference equation with several lags: selecting among learnable REEBask, Mikael
2006Fundamentals and technical trading: behaviour of exchange rates in the CEECsBask, Mikael; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2006The stability of electricity prices: estimation and inference of the Lyapunov exponentsBask, Mikael; Liu, Tung; Widerberg, Anna
2007Robust Taylor rules in an open economy with heterogeneous expectations and least squares learnigBask, Mikael; Selander, Carina
2007A case for interest rate smoothingBask, Mikael
2007Optimal monetary policy under heterogeneity in currency tradeBask, Mikael
2007Long swings and chaos in the exchange rate in a DSGE model with a Taylor ruleBask, Mikael
2007Measuring potential market riskBask, Mikael
2007Instrument rules in monetary policy under heterogeneity in currency tradeBask, Mikael
2007Optimal monetary policy in a hybrid New Keynesian model with a cost channelBask, Mikael
2010Measuring the stability of a dynamic system: The case of the stock market turmoil 2007-2008Bask, Mikael; Widerberg, Anna
2010Inequality generating processes and measurement of the Matthew effectBask, Miia; Bask, Mikael
2011A case for interest rate inertia in monetary policyBask, Mikael
2011The increased importance of asset price misalignments for business cycle dynamicsBask, Mikael; Madeira, João
2012Optimal monetary policy under learning in a new Keynesian model with cost channel and inflation inertiaBask, Mikael; Proaño, Christian R.
2013Social influence and the Matthew mechanism: The case of an artificial cultural marketBask, Miia; Bask, Mikael
2020Language tone in financial news media and the cross-section of stock returnsBask, Mikael; Forsberg, Lars; Östling, Andreas