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2006 Adaptive learning in an expectational difference equation with several lags: selecting among learnable REEBask, Mikael
2006 The stability of electricity prices: estimation and inference of the Lyapunov exponentsBask, Mikael; Liu, Tung; Widerberg, Anna
2006 Exchange rate volatility without the contrivance of fundamentals and the failure of PPPBask, Mikael
2006 Announcement effects on exchange rate movements: continuity as a selection criterion among the REEBask, Mikael
2006 Fundamentals and technical trading: behaviour of exchange rates in the CEECsBask, Mikael; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2007 Robust Taylor rules in an open economy with heterogeneous expectations and least squares learnigBask, Mikael; Selander, Carina
2007 Optimal monetary policy under heterogeneity in currency tradeBask, Mikael
2007 A case for interest rate smoothingBask, Mikael
2007 Optimal monetary policy in a hybrid New Keynesian model with a cost channelBask, Mikael
2007 Long swings and chaos in the exchange rate in a DSGE model with a Taylor ruleBask, Mikael
2007 Measuring potential market riskBask, Mikael
2007 Instrument rules in monetary policy under heterogeneity in currency tradeBask, Mikael
2010 Inequality generating processes and measurement of the Matthew effectBask, Miia; Bask, Mikael
2010 Measuring the stability of a dynamic system: The case of the stock market turmoil 2007-2008Bask, Mikael; Widerberg, Anna
2011 The increased importance of asset price misalignments for business cycle dynamicsBask, Mikael; Madeira, João
2011 A case for interest rate inertia in monetary policyBask, Mikael
2012 Optimal monetary policy under learning in a new Keynesian model with cost channel and inflation inertiaBask, Mikael; Proaño, Christian R.
2013 Social influence and the Matthew mechanism: The case of an artificial cultural marketBask, Miia; Bask, Mikael
2020 Language tone in financial news media and the cross-section of stock returnsBask, Mikael; Forsberg, Lars; Östling, Andreas