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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Local unemployment and the relative wages of immigrants: Evidence from the current population surveysBarth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2002Explaining variations in wage curves: Theory and evidenceBarth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Naylor, Robin A.; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2002Local unemployment and the earnings assimilation of immigrants in NorwayBarth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2002Dimensions of the Wage-dimensions Relationship in the Nordic Countries: Wage Flexibility without Wage CurvesAlbÆk, Karsten; Asplund, Rita; Blomskog, Stig; Barth, Erling; Guðmundsson, Björn Runar; Karlsson, Vifill; Madsen, Erik
2005Employer size or skill-group size effect on wages?Barth, Erling; Dale-Olsen, Harald
2005Unreported labourBarth, Erling; Ognedal, Tone
2005Unreported labourBarth, Erling; Ognedal, Tone
2006Fair tax evasionBarth, Erling; Cappelen, Alexander W.; Ognedal, Tone
2006Who pays for performance?Barth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Hægeland, Torbjørn; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2006Wage dispersion, markets and institutions: the effects of the boom in education on the wage structureBarth, Erling; Lucifora, Claudio
2008Performance Pay and Within-Firm Wage InequalityBarth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Hægeland, Torbjørn; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2009Performance pay and within-firm wage inequalityBarth, Erling; Bratsberg, Bernt; Hægeland, Torbjørn; Raaum, Oddbjørn
2009Monopsonistic discrimination, worker turnover, and the gender wage gapBarth, Erling; Dale-Olsen, Harald
2011Challenges of Nordic labour markets: A polarization of working life?Asplund, Rita; Barth, Erling; Lundborg, Per; Nilsen, Kjersti Misje
2012The equality multiplier: How wage setting and welfare spending make similar countries divergeBarth, Erling; Moene, Karl Ove
2014It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S.Barth, Erling; Bryson, Alex; Davis, James C.; Freeman, Richard B.
2017Union Density, Productivity and WagesBarth, Erling; Bryson, Alex; Dale-Olsen, Harald
2017The Dynamics of Gender Earnings Differentials: Evidence from Establishment DataBarth, Erling; Pekkala Kerr, Sari; Olivetti, Claudia
2019Better Late Than Never? How Late Completion Affects the Early Careers of DropoutsAlbæk, Karsten; Asplund, Rita; Barth, Erling; Lindahl, Lena; Strom, Marte; Vanhala, Pekka
2020How Robots Change Within-Firm Wage InequalityBarth, Erling; Roed, Marianne; Schone, Pal; Umblijs, Janis