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2000 Proposal for a New Measure of Corruption, and Tests using Italian DataBarigozzi, Francesca
2001 Reimbursing Preventive CareBarigozzi, Francesca
2001 Influencing the Misinformed Misbehaver: An Analysis of Public Policy towards Uncertainty and External EffectsBarigozzi, Francesca; Villeneuve, Bertrand
2002 With A Little Help From My Enemy: Comparative AdvertisingBarigozzi, Francesca; Garella, Paolo; Peitz, Martin
2003 Prices vs. Quantities in Health Insurance ReimbursementBarigozzi, Francesca
2004 Comparative Advertising and Competition PolicyBarigozzi, Francesca
2004 Supplementary Insurance with Ex-Post Moral Hazard: Efficiency and RedistributionBarigozzi, Francesca
2004 The signaling effect of tax policyBarigozzi, Francesca; Villeneuve, Bertrand
2005 New Developments in Physician Agency: the Role of Patient InformationBarigozzi, Francesca; Levaggi, Rosella
2006 A Rationale for Searching (Imprecise) Health InformationBarigozzi, Francesca; Levaggi, Rosella
2009 Emotional Decision-Makers and Anomalous Attitudes towards InformationBarigozzi, Francesca; Levaggi, Rosella
2009 Genetic Information: Comparing Alternative Regulatory Approaches when Prevention MattersBarigozzi, Francesca; Henriet, Dominique
2011 Prevention in Health Insurance: a Welfare Analysis of Participating PoliciesBarigozzi, Francesca; Bourlès, Renaud; Henriet, Dominique; Pignataro, Giuseppe
2011 Credit Markets with Ethical Banks and Motivated BorrowersBarigozzi, Francesca; Tedeschi, Piero
2013 The Lemons Problem in a Labor Market with Intrinsic Motivation: When Higher Salaries Pay Worse WorkersBarigozzi, Francesca; Burani, Nadia; Raggi, Davide
2013 Bidimensional screening with intrinsically motivated workersBarigozzi, Francesca; Burani, Nadia
2014 Competition and Screening with Skilled and Motivated WorkersBarigozzi, Francesca; Nadia, Burani
2016 Competition Between For-Profit and Non-Profit Firms: Incentives, Workers' Self-Selection, and Wage DifferentialsBarigozzi, Francesca; Burani, Nadia
2016 Product Differentiation with Multiple QualitiesBarigozzi, Francesca; Ma, Ching-to Albert
2016 Informed Principals in the Credit Market when Borrowers and Lenders Are HeterogeneousBarigozzi, Francesca; Tedeschi, Piero