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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Regional Differences in Unemployment and the Labor Supply DecisionBadinger, Harald; Url, Thomas
2002 Regional convergence in the European Union (1985 - 1999): A spatial dynamic panel analysisBadinger, Harald; Müller, Werner G.; Tondl, Gabriele
2002 Trade, human capital and innovation: The engines of European regional growth in the 1990sBadinger, Harald; Tondl, Gabriele
2003 Regional convergence in the European Union (1985-1999). A spatial dynamic panel analysisTondl, Gabriele; Badinger, Harald; Müller, Werner
2004 Has Austria's Accession to the EU Triggered an Increase in Competition? A Sectoral Markup StudyBadinger, Harald; Breuss, Fritz
2007 Has the EU's Single Market Programme Fostered Competition? Testing for a Decrease in Markup Rations in EU IndustriesBadinger, Harald
2008 Horizontal versus vertical interdependence in multinational activityBadinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
2008 GM estimation of higher-order spatial autoregressive processes in cross-section models with heteroskedastic disturbancesBadinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
2008 Cyclical fiscal policy, output volatility, and economic growthBadinger, Harald
2008 Intra- and inter-industry productivity spillovers in OECD manufacturing: a spatial econometric perspectiveBadinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
2008 GM estimation of higher order spatial autoregressive processes in panel data error component modelsBadinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
2008 Globalization,the Output-Inflation Tradeoff, and InflationBadinger, Harald
2009 Estimation of higher-order spatial autoregressive panel data error component modelsBadinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
2010 International Spillovers of Output Growth and Output Growth Volatility: Evidence from the G7Antonakakis, Nikolaos; Badinger, Harald
2011 National representation in multinational institutions: The case of the European Central BankBadinger, Harald; Nitsch, Volker
2012 Export Credit Guarantees and Export Performance. Evidence from Austrian Firm-Level DataBadinger, Harald; Url, Thomas
2012 Measuring the World EconomyBadinger, Harald
2012 Die Auswirkungen des Euro auf den Außenhandel der EU und ÖsterreichsBadinger, Harald
2012 Output Volatility, Economic Growth, and Cross-Country Spillovers: New Evidence for the G7 CountriesAntonakakis, Nikolaos; Badinger, Harald
2012 Supranationalism in Monetary Policy Decision-MakingBadinger, Harald; Nitsch, Volker