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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Location in a Vertically Differentiated IndustryBacchiega, Emanuele; Minniti, Antonio
2006 On MQS regulation, innovation and market coverageBacchiega, Emanuele; Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
2007 On the Effects of Entry under Flexible Production Techniques: An Example of Quasi-AnticompetitivenessBacchiega, Emanuele; Garella, Paolo G.
2007 Process and product innovation in a vertically differentiated industryBacchiega, Emanuele; Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
2008 R&D-hindering collusionBacchiega, Emanuele; Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
2008 On the Time Consistency of Equilibria in Additively Separable Differential GamesBacchiega, Emanuele; Lambertini, Luca; Palestini, Arsen
2010 Strategic Accessibility CompetitionBacchiega, Emanuele; Randon, Emanuela; Zirulia, Lorenzo
2010 Quality, Distance and Trade: a Strategic ApproachBacchiega, Emanuele; Minniti, Antonio; Palestini, Arsen
2011 Comparative Advantage Under Monopoly: A Note On the Role of Market PowerBacchiega, Emanuele
2012 Vertical relations and number of channels in quality-differentiated marketsBacchiega, Emanuele; Bonroy, Olivier
2013 Training and Product Quality in Unionized OligopoliesBacchiega, Emanuele; Minniti, Antonio
2013 Paying not to sellBacchiega, Emanuele; Bonroy, Olivier; Mabrouk, Rania
2016 Contract contingency in vertically related marketsBacchiega, Emanuele; Bonroy, Oliver; Petrakis, Emmanuel
2018 Niche vs. central firms: Technology choice and cost-price dynamics in a differentiated oligopolyBacchiega, Emanuele; Garella, Paolo G.
2019 What goes around, comes around: Reciprocal effects and double-sided moral hazard in the choice of brand licensingBacchiega, Emanuele; Colucci, Mariachiara; Magnani, Marco