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2009India's increasing skill premium: role of demand and supplyAzam, Mehtabul
2009Changes in wage structure in urban India 1983 - 2004: a quantile regression decompositionAzam, Mehtabul
2009A distributional analysis of social group inequality in rural IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2010The returns to English-language skills in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul; Chin, Aimee; Prakash, Nishith
2010A distributional analysis of the public-private wage differential in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul; Prakash, Nishith
2010The Returns to English-Language Skills in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul; Chin, Aimee; Prakash, Nishith
2011Are girls the fairer sex in India? Revisiting intra-household allocation of education expenditureAzam, Mehtabul; Kingdon, Geeta
2012Like father, like son? Intergenerational education mobility in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul; Bhatt, Vipul
2012The impact of Indian job guarantee scheme on labor market outcomes: Evidence from a natural experimentAzam, Mehtabul
2012Did Latvia's public works program mitigate the impact of the 2008 - 2010 crisis?Azam, Mehtabul; Ferré, Céline; Ajwad, Mohamed Ihsan
2013Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2013Can public works programs mitigate the impact of crises in Europe? The case of LatviaAzam, Mehtabul; Ferré, Céline; Ajwad, Mohamed
2014Assessing Teacher Quality in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul; Kingdon, Geeta
2015Intergenerational Educational Persistence among Daughters: Evidence from IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2015Private Tutoring: Evidence from IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2016Household Income Mobility in India: 1993-2011Azam, Mehtabul
2016Spatial Income Inequality in India, 1993-2011: A District Level DecompositionAzam, Mehtabul; Bhatt, Vipul
2016Does Social Health Insurance Reduce Financial Burden? Panel Data Evidence from IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2017Are Urban-Rural Welfare Differences Growing in India?Azam, Mehtabul
2019Household Cooking Fuel Choice in India, 2004-2012: A Panel Multinomial AnalysisKuo, Ying-Min; Azam, Mehtabul