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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Revisiting the Link between Growth and Federalism: A Bayesian Model Averaging ApproachAsatryan, Zareh; Feld, Lars P.
2013Revisiting the link between growth and federalism: A Bayesian model averaging approachAsatryan, Zareh; Feld, Lars P.
2013Direct democracy and local public finances under cooperative federalismAsatryan, Zareh; Baskaran, Thushyanthan; Grigoriadis, Theocharis; Heinemann, Friedrich
2014The effect of direct democracy on the level and structure of local taxesAsatryan, Zareh; Baskaran, Thushyanthan; Heinemann, Friedrich
2014The indirect effects of direct democracy: Local government size and non-budgetary voter initiativesAsatryan, Zareh
2014Compensating the losers of free tradeAsatryan, Zareh; Braun, Sebastian; Lechthaler, Wolfgang; Mileva, Mariya; Montagna, Catia
2014Compensating the Losers of GlobalisationAsatryan, Zareh; Braun, Sebastian; Görg, Holger; Heinemann, Friedrich; Molana, Hassan; Montagna, Catia
2014Direct democracy and local government efficiencyAsatryan, Zareh; De Witte, Kristof
2015Vetoing and inaugurating policy like others do: Evidence on spatial interactions in voter initiativesAsatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika; Streif, Frank
2015Reforming the Public Administration. The Role of Crisis and the Power of BureaucracyAsatryan, Zareh; Heinemann, Friedrich; Pitlik, Hans
2015Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Sub-National Government Fiscal Discipline: Empirical Evidence from OECD CountriesAsatryan, Zareh; Feld, Lars P.; Geys, Benny
2015Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual?Aidt, Toke; Asatryan, Zareh; Badalyan, Lusine; Heinemann, Friedrich
2015Better fiscal rules for Europe: Reflections based on new empirical evidenceAsatryan, Zareh; Foremny, Dirk; Heinemann, Friedrich; Solé-Ollé, Albert; Stratmann, Thomas; Yeter, Mustafa
2015Reforming the public administration: The role of crisis and the power of bureaucracyAsatryan, Zareh; Heinemann, Friedrich; Pitlik, Hans
2015Vote buying or (political) business (cycles) as usual?Aidt, Toke; Asatryan, Zareh; Badalyan, Lusine; Heinemann, Friedrich
2016Remittances and public finances: Evidence from oil-price shocksAsatryan, Zareh; Bittschi, Benjamin; Doerrenberg, Philipp
2016Balanced Budget Rules and Fiscal Outcomes: Evidence from Historical ConstitutionsAsatryan, Zareh; Castellón, César; Stratmann, Thomas
2016Public sector reform: How the EU budget is used to encourage it. StudyAsatryan, Zareh; Heinemann, Friedrich; Yeter, Mustafa; Rubio, Eulalia; Rinaldi, David; Zuleeg, Fabian
2016Responses of firms to tax, administrative and accounting rules: Evidence from ArmeniaAsatryan, Zareh; Peichl, Andreas
2016Vetoing and Inaugurating Policy Like Others Do: Evidence on Spatial Interactions in Voter InitiativesStreif, Frank; Asatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika