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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Reasserting the Role of Keynesian Policies for the New MilleniumArestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
1998The Macroeconomics of Industrial StrategyArestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
1998Capital shortage unemployment in Germany and the UKArestis, Philip; Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Iris; Hagemann, Harald
1999From Common Market to Emu: A Historical Perspective of European Economic and Monetary IntegrationArestis, Philip; McCauley, Kevin; Sawyer, Malcolm
1999The Economic and Monetary Union: Current and Future ProspectsArestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
1999The Independent European Central Bank: Keynesian AlternativesArestis, Philip
2000An Alternative Stability Pact for the European UnionArestis, Philip; McCauley, Kevin; Sawyer, Malcolm
2001The future of the euro: Is there an alternative to the stability and growth pact?Arestis, Philip; McCauley, Kevin; Sawyer, Malcolm
2001The causes of euro instabilityArestis, Philip; Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Iris; Brown, Andrew; Sawyer, Malcolm
2001Will the Euro Bring Economic Crisis to Europe?Arestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
2002The euro, public expenditure and taxationArestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
2002Critical realism and the political economy of the euroArestis, Philip; Brown, Andrew; Sawyer, Malcolm
2002Can monetary policy affect the real economy?Arestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
2002Does the stock of money have any causal significance?Arestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm
2002Financial policies and the aggregate productivity of the capital stock: evidence from developed and developing economiesArestis, Philip; Demetriades, Panicos; Fattouh, Bassam
2002Threshold effects in the US budget deficitArestis, Philip; Cipollini, Andrea; Fattouh, Bassam
2002Financial globalization: some conceptual problemsArestis, Philip; Basu, Santonu
2002Credibility of EMS interest rate policies: a Markov regime-switching approachArestis, Philip; Mouratidis, Kostas
2002Is there a trade-off between inflation variability and output-gap variability in the EMU countries?Arestis, Philip; Mouratidis, Kostas
2002New consensus, new Keynesianism, and the economics of the third wayArestis, Philip; Sawyer, Malcolm