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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Die Transformation des Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftssystems der DDRApolte, Thomas
1991 Monetary policy in the transition to a market economy: The case of HungaryApolte, Thomas
2007 Why Brennan and Buchanan are wrong (after all)Apolte, Thomas
2007 Lehrbuchwissen und Globalisierung: Erwiderung auf die Replik von Heiko Körner und Gisela Kubon-GilkeApolte, Thomas
2007 Warum die Politik die Globalisierung nicht liebtApolte, Thomas
2009 Governance, Demokratie und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in den ehemals sozialistischen StaatenApolte, Thomas; Peters, Heiko
2010 Democracy and prosperity in two decades of transitionApolte, Thomas
2010 Why is there no revolution in North-Korea? The political economy of revolution revisitedApolte, Thomas
2010 Griechenlandhilfe: Wie ist der Notfallplan der Euroländer zu bewerten?Schnellenbach, Jan; Kerber, Markus C.; Apolte, Thomas
2012 Toward a more general approach to political stability in comparative political systemsApolte, Thomas
2013 The supply of democracy explaining voluntary democratic transitionApolte, Thomas
2014 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutionsApolte, Thomas
2015 Abused rebels and winning coalitions: Regime change under the pressure of rebellionsApolte, Thomas
2015 Gordon Tullock's theory of dictatorship and revolutionApolte, Thomas
2015 Autocracy and the public: Mass revolts, winning coalitions, and policy control in dictatorshipsApolte, Thomas
2015 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutions: Theory and empirical evidenceApolte, Thomas; Gerling, Lena
2015 Youth Bulges, Insurrections, and Politico-Economic InstitutionsGerling, Lena; Apolte, Thomas
2017 I hope I die before I get old: The supply side of the market for suicide bombersApolte, Thomas
2018 A Theory of Autocratic Transition. Prerequisites to Self-Enforcing DemocracyApolte, Thomas
2018 A theory of autocratic transition: Prerequisites to self-enforcing democracyApolte, Thomas