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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Die Transformation des Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftssystems der DDRApolte, Thomas
1991 Monetary policy in the transition to a market economy: The case of HungaryApolte, Thomas
2007 Lehrbuchwissen und Globalisierung: Erwiderung auf die Replik von Heiko Körner und Gisela Kubon-GilkeApolte, Thomas
2007 Warum die Politik die Globalisierung nicht liebtApolte, Thomas
2007 Why Brennan and Buchanan are wrong (after all)Apolte, Thomas
2009 Governance, Demokratie und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in den ehemals sozialistischen StaatenApolte, Thomas; Peters, Heiko
2010 Griechenlandhilfe: Wie ist der Notfallplan der Euroländer zu bewerten?Schnellenbach, Jan; Kerber, Markus C.; Apolte, Thomas
2010 Why is there no revolution in North-Korea? The political economy of revolution revisitedApolte, Thomas
2010 Democracy and prosperity in two decades of transitionApolte, Thomas
2012 Toward a more general approach to political stability in comparative political systemsApolte, Thomas
2013 The supply of democracy explaining voluntary democratic transitionApolte, Thomas
2014 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutionsApolte, Thomas
2015 Youth Bulges, Insurrections, and Politico-Economic InstitutionsGerling, Lena; Apolte, Thomas
2015 Abused rebels and winning coalitions: Regime change under the pressure of rebellionsApolte, Thomas
2015 Youth bulges, insurrections, and politico-economic institutions: Theory and empirical evidenceApolte, Thomas; Gerling, Lena
2015 Gordon Tullock's theory of dictatorship and revolutionApolte, Thomas
2015 Autocracy and the public: Mass revolts, winning coalitions, and policy control in dictatorshipsApolte, Thomas
2017 I hope I die before I get old: The supply side of the market for suicide bombersApolte, Thomas
2018 A Theory of Autocratic Transition. Prerequisites to Self-Enforcing DemocracyApolte, Thomas
2018 A theory of autocratic transition: Prerequisites to self-enforcing democracyApolte, Thomas