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1998 Explaining Long-Term Exchange Rate Behavior in the United States and JapanShaikh, Anwar M.; Antonopoulos, Rania
2005 Asset ownership along gender lines: evidence from ThailandAntonopoulos, Rania; Floro, Maria S.
2007 The right to a job, the right types of projects: employment guarantee policies from a gender perspectiveAntonopoulos, Rania
2007 State, difference, and diversity: toward a path of expanded democracy and gender equalityAntonopoulos, Rania; Cos-Montiel, Francisco
2008 The unpaid care workpaid work connectionAntonopoulos, Rania
2009 Promoting gender equality through stimulus packages and public job creation: Lessons learned from South Africa's Expanded public Works ProgrammeAntonopoulos, Rania
2009 The current economic and financial crisis: a gender perspectiveAntonopoulos, Rania
2009 From unpaid to paid care work: the macroeconomic implications of HIV and AIDS on women's time-tax burdensAntonopoulos, Rania; Toay, Taun N.
2010 Why President Obama should care about care: An effective and equitable investment strategy for job creationAntonopoulos, Rania; Kim, Kijong; Masterson, Thomas; Zacharias, Ajit
2010 Investing in care: A strategy for effective and equitable job creationAntonopoulos, Rania; Kim, Kijong; Masterson, Tom; Zacharias, Ajit
2010 Time and poverty from a developing country perspectiveAntonopoulos, Rania; Memis, Emel
2011 Public job-creation programs: The economic benefits of investing in social care? Case studies in South Africa and the United StatesAntonopoulos, Rania; Kim, Kijong
2011 Unpaid and paid care: The effects of child care and elder care on the standard of livingKim, Kijong; Antonopoulos, Rania
2012 It's about "time": Why time deficits matter for povertyAntonopoulos, Rania; Masterson, Thomas; Zacharias, Ajit
2013 From safety nets to economic empowerment: Is there space to promote gender equality in the evolution of social protection?Antonopoulos, Rania
2013 Expanding social protection in developing countries: A gender perspectiveAntonopoulos, Rania
2014 After austerity: Measuring the impact of a job guarantee policy for GreeceAntonopoulos, Rania; Adam, Sofia; Kim, Kijong; Masterson, Thomas; Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.
2016 Measuring Poverty in the Case of Buenos Aires: Why time deficits matterAntonopoulos, Rania; Esquivel, Valeria; Masterson, Thomas; Zacharias, Ajit