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2001 The Effect of Ownership and Competitive Pressure on Firm Performance in Transition Countries. Micro Evidence from Bulgaria, Romania and PolandEstrin, Saul; Konings, Jozef; Zolkiewski, Zbigniew; Angelucci, Manuela
2004 Aid and Migration : An Analysis of the Impact of Progresa on the Timing and Size of Labour MigrationAngelucci, Manuela
2005 U.S. border enforcement and the net flow of Mexican illegal migrationAngelucci, Manuela
2006 Indirect effects of an aid program: the case of progresa and consumptionAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo
2006 Estimating ATT effects with non-experimental data and low complianceAngelucci, Manuela; Attanasio, Orazio P.
2007 Love on the rocks: alcohol abuse and domestic violence in rural MexicoAngelucci, Manuela
2009 Oportunidades: program effect on consumption, low participation, and methodological issuesAngelucci, Manuela; Attanasio, Orazio P.
2009 Village economies and the structure of extended family networksAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2009 Family networks and school enrolment: evidence from a randomized social experimentAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2009 Extended family networks in rural Mexico: a descriptive analysisAngelucci, Manuela; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Rangel, Marcos A.; Rasul, Imran
2013 Migration and Financial Constraints: Evidence from MexicoAngelucci, Manuela
2013 Win Some Lose Some? Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos BancoAngelucci, Manuela; Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan
2013 Win some lose some? Evidence from a randomized microcredit program placement experiment by Compartamos BancoAngelucci, Manuela; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2015 When Incentives Backfire: Spillover Effects in Food ChoiceAngelucci, Manuela; Prina, Silvia; Royer, Heather; Samek, Anya
2015 Program Evaluation and Spillover EffectsAngelucci, Manuela; Di Maro, Vincenzo
2016 When incentives backfire: Spillover effects in food choiceAngelucci, Manuela; Prina, Silvia; Royer, Heather; Samek, Anya
2020 Adverse Selection in the Marriage Market: HIV Testing and Marriage in Rural MalawiAngelucci, Manuela; Bennett, Daniel
2020 Remote Work and the Heterogeneous Impact of COVID-19 on Employment and HealthAngelucci, Manuela; Angrisani, Marco; Bennett, Daniel; Kapteyn, Arie; Schaner, Simone G.
2021 The Economic Impact of Depression Treatment in IndiaAngelucci, Manuela; Bennett, Daniel
2021 Transitory Income Changes and Consumption Smoothing: Evidence from MexicoAngelucci, Manuela; Chiapa, Carlos; Prina, Silvia; Rojas, Irvin