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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 From the ERM to the euro: new evidence on economic and policy convergence among EU countriesAngeloni, Ignazio; Dedola, Luca
2002 Monetary Transmission in the Euro Area : Where Do We Stand?Mojon, Benoît; Kashyap, Anil K.; Angeloni, Ignazio; Terlizzese, Daniele
2003 The output composition puzzle: a difference in the monetary transmission mechanism in the euro area and U.S.Mojon, Benoît; Angeloni, Ignazio; Terlizzese, Daniele; Kashyap, Anil K.
2003 Monetary policy transmission in the euro area: any changes after EMU?Angeloni, Ignazio; Ehrmann, Michael
2003 Persistence, the transmission mechanism and robust monetary policyAngeloni, Ignazio; Coenen, Günter; Smets, Frank
2004 Euro area inflation differentialsAngeloni, Ignazio; Ehrmann, Michael
2005 Economic and monetary integration of the new Member States - helping to chart the routeAngeloni, Ignazio; Flad, Michael; Mongelli, Francesco Paolo
2006 Price setting and inflation persistence: did EMU matter?Angeloni, Ignazio; Aucremanne, Luc; Ciccarelli, Matteo
2009 The Pittsburgh G20 summitAngeloni, Ignazio
2009 A tale of two policies: prudential regulation and monetary policy with fragile banksAngeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester
2009 The Pittsburgh G20 checklistAngeloni, Ignazio
2010 Exit strategiesAngeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester; Winkler, Roland C.
2011 Wanted: A stronger and better G20 for the global economyAngeloni, Ignazio; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 Exit strategiesAngeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester; Winkler, Roland C.
2011 The group of 20: Trials of global governance in times of crisisAngeloni, Ignazio
2011 Monetary policy and risk takingAngeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester; Lo Duca, Marco
2011 The international monetary systerm is changing : What opportunities and risks for the Euro?Angeloni, Ignazio; Sapir, André
2011 Exit StrategiesWinkler, Roland C.; Angeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester
2012 The G20: Characters in search of an authorAngeloni, Ignazio; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 Towards a European Banking UnionAngeloni, Ignazio