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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Exchange rate volatility and euro area importsAnderton, Robert; Skudelny, Frauke
2003 The impact of monetary union on trade pricesTaglioni, Daria; Anderton, Robert; Baldwin, Richard E.
2003 Extra-euro area manufacturing import prices and exchange rate pass-throughAnderton, Robert
2004 On the determinants of euro area FDI to the United States: the knowledge- capital-Tobin's Q frameworkDe Santis, Roberto A.; Anderton, Robert; Hijzen, Alexander
2004 Understanding the impact of the external dimension on the euro area - trade, capital flows and other international macroeconomic linkagesAnderton, Robert; di Mauro, Filippo; Moneta, Fabio
2005 Intra- and extra-euro area import demand for manufacturesAnderton, Robert; Baltagi, Badi H.; Skudelny, Frauke; Sousa, Nuno
2005 Competitiveness and the export performance of the euro areadi Mauro, Filippo; Anderton, Robert; Ernst, Ekkehard; Maurin, Laurent; Pokutova, Sonia; Melyn, Wim; Jochem, Axel; Pakinezou, N. M.; Torres, Javier; Lecat, Remy; Cassidy, Mark; Tedeschi, Roberto; Walch, Erik; Eggelte, Jurriann; Wagner, Karin; Abreu, Ildeberta; Kinnunen, Helvi; Blattner, Tobias; Santis, Roberto De; Oliveira-Soires, Rodrigo; Shen, Jian-Guang; Sydow, Matthias; Warmedinger, Thomas; Zumer, Tina; Nelissen, Iris; Breda, Emanuelle; Ad Hoc Task Force on "Competitiveness and the Export Performance of the Euro Area"
2011 The global financial crisis: trying to understand the global trade downturn and recoveryAnderton, Robert; Tewolde, Tadios
2014 Potential output from a euro area perspectiveAnderton, Robert; Aranki, Ted; Dieppe, Alistair; Elding, Catherine; Haroutunian, Stephan; Jacquinot, Pascal; Jarvis, Valerie; Labhard, Vincent; Rusinova, Desislava; Szörfi, Béla
2014 Disaggregating Okun's law: decomposing the impact of the expenditure components of GDP on euro area unemploymentAnderton, Robert; Aranki, Ted; Bonthuis, Boele; Jarvis, Valerie
2015 Comparisons and contrasts of the impact of the crisis on euro area labour marketsAnderton, Robert; Jarvis, Valerie; Szörfi, Béla; Périnet, Mathilde; Petroulas, Pavlos; Bonthuis, Boele; Beck Nelleman, Peter; Conefrey, Thomas; Soosaar, Orsolya; Nicolitsas, Daphne; Izquierdo, Mario; Verdugo, Gregory; Tommasino, Pietro; Zizza, Roberta; Guarda, Paolo; Veiga, Cindy; Stiglbauer, Alfred; Maria, José R.; Micuch, Marek; Ad hoc team of the European System of Central Banks
2017 Asymmetric wage adjustment and employment in European firmsMarotzke, Petra; Anderton, Robert; Bairrao, Ana; Berson, Clémence; Tóth, Peter
2018 Structural policies in the euro areaMasuch, Klaus; Anderton, Robert; Setzer, Ralph; Benalal, Nicholai