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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004A Trickle-Down Theory of Incentives with Applications to Privatization and OutsourcingAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2007Freight Transportation Activity, Business Cycles and Trend GrowthAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Elger, Thomas
2008Core Inflation - Why the Federal Reserve Got it WrongAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2008Bandspectrum CointegrationAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2008Long Run Inflation Indicators – Why the ECB got it RightAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2009Make-or-buy decisions and the manipulability of performance measuresAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2010An Empirical Investigation of Efficiency and Price Uniformity in Competing AuctionsAndersson, Tommy; Andersson, Christer; Andersson, Fredrik N. G.
2010On the Cost-vs-Quality Tradeoff in Make-or-Buy DecisionsAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2011Band Spectrum Regressions using Wavelet AnalysisAndersson, Fredrik N. G.
2011International Remittances – A proposal how to test hypotheses about determinants of remittances with macroeconomic time seriesKarpestam, Peter; Andersson, Fredrik N. G.
2011The Effect of Emigration on Unemployment: Evidence from the Central and Eastern European EU Member StatesPryymachenko, Yana; Fregert, Klas; Andersson, Fredrik N. G.
2011Outsourcing Public Services: Ownership, Competition, Quality and ContractingAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jordahl, Henrik
2013A Simple Wavelet-Based Test for Serial Correlation in Panel Data ModelsLi, Yushu; Andersson, Fredrik N. G.
2013Lending for Growth? An Analysis of State-Owned Banks in ChinaAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Burzynska, Katarzyna; Opper, Sonja
2013How Flexible are the Inflation Targets? A Bayesian MCMC Estimator of the Long Memory Parameter in a State Space ModelAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Li, Yushu
2014Grain Market Integration in the Baltic Sea Region in the 19th CenturyAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Ljungberg, Jonas
2015The Return of the Original Phillips curve? An Assessment of Lars E. O. Svensson's Critique of the Riksbank's Inflation Targeting, 1997-2012Andersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars
2017How Tolerant Should Inflation-Targeting Central Banks Be? Selecting the Proper Tolerance Band - Lessons from SwedenAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Jonung, Lars
2017Irish GDP between the Famine and the First World War: Estimates Based on a Dynamic Factor ModelAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Lennard, Jason
2018Estimates of the Inflation Effect of a Global Carbon Price on Consumer, Investment, Export, and Import PricesAndersson, Fredrik N. G.