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2002 Correlated liquidity shocks, financial contagion and asset price dynamicsAndergassen, Rainer
2002 Endogenous Innovation Waves and Economic GrowthAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco
2002 Feedback effects of dynamic hedging strategies in the presence of transaction costsAndergassen, Rainer; Agliardi, Elettra
2003 Innovation Waves, Self-organised Criticality and Technological ConvergenceAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2003 Rational destabilising speculation and the riding of bubblesAndergassen, Rainer
2003 Incentives of stock option based compensationAgliardi, Elettra; Andergassen, Rainer
2003 Technological Paradigms and Firms' InteractionAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2004 Educational Choice, Endogenous Inequality and Economic DevelopmentAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco
2004 The Emergence of Paradigm Setters through Firms' Interaction and Network FormationAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2005 High powered Incentives and Fraudulent Behavior: Stock based versus Stock Option based CompensationAndergassen, Rainer
2005 Firms' Network Formation Through the Transmission of Heterogeneous KnowledgeAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2006 Last Resort Gambles, Risky Debt and Liquidation PolicyAgliardi, Elettra; Andergassen, Rainer
2008 Innovation and growth through local and global interactionAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2008 Product Market Competition, Incentives and Fraudulent BehaviorAndergassen, Rainer
2009 Less Developed Countries, Tourism Investments and Local Economic DevelopmentAndergassen, Rainer; Candela, Guido
2010 The valuation of N-phased investment projects under jump-diffusion processesAndergassen, Rainer; Sereno, Luigi
2010 Innovation, specialization and growth in a model of structural changeAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo
2011 Board of director collusion, managerial incentives and firm valuesAndergassen, Rainer
2013 Innovation diffusion, technological convergence and economic growthAndergassen, Rainer; Nardini, Franco; Ricottilli, Massimo