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2002What goes up sometimes stays up: Shocks and Institutions as Determinants of Unemployment PersistenceAmisano, Gianni; Serati, Massimiliano
2007Hierarchical Markov normal mixture models with applications to financial asset returnsGeweke, John; Amisano, Gianni
2007Euro area inflation persistence in an estimated nonlinear DSGE modelAmisano, Gianni; Tristani, Oreste
2008Comparing and evaluating Bayesian predictive distributions of assets returnsGeweke, John; Amisano, Gianni
2008Imperfect predictability and mutual fund dynamics. How managers use predictors in changing systematic risk.Amisano, Gianni; Savona, Roberto
2009EMU and the adjustment to asymmetric shocks: the case of ItalyAmisano, Gianni; Giammarioli, Nicola; Stracca, Livio
2009Optimal Prediction PoolsGeweke, John; Amisano, Gianni
2010Money growth and inflation: a regime switching approachAmisano, Gianni; Fagan, Gabriel
2011Analysis of variance for bayesian inferenceGeweke, John; Amisano, Gianni
2011Exact likelihood computation for nonlinear DSGE models with heteroskedastic innovationsAmisano, Gianni; Tristani, Oreste
2013Money Growth and Inflation: evidence from a Markov Switching Bayesian VARAmisano, Gianni; Colavecchio, Roberta
2013Prediction using several macroeconomic modelsAmisano, Gianni; Geweke, John
2014A money-based indicator for deflation riskColavecchio, Roberta; Amisano, Gianni; Fagan, Gabriel
2014A money-based indicator for deflation riskAmisano, Gianni; Colavecchio, Roberta; Fagan, Gabriel
2019Uncertainty shocks, monetary policy and long-term interest ratesAmisano, Gianni; Tristani, Oreste
2023Monetary policy and long-term interest ratesAmisano, Gianni; Tristani, Oreste