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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 FDI in the CEEC's and the theory of real options: An empirical assessmentAltomonte, Carlo
2001 Multinational Corporations as Catalyst for Industrial Development. The Case of Poland.Altomonte, Carlo; Resmini, Laura
2001 Competing Locations’ Market Potential and FDI in Central and Eastern Europe vs the MediterraneanAltomonte, Carlo; Guagliano, Claudia
2005 Testing for Marginal Spillovers from Foreign Direct InvestmentAltomonte, Carlo; Pennings, Enrico
2005 Firm Heterogeneity and Endogenous Regional DisparitiesAltomonte, Carlo; Colantone, Italo
2009 Trade Complexity and ProductivityAltomonte, Carlo; Békés, Gábor
2009 Trade complexity and productivityBékés, Gabor; Altomonte, Carlo
2011 Assessing competitiveness: How firm-level data can helpAltomonte, Carlo; Barba Navaretti, Giorgio; Di Mauro, Filippo; Ottaviano, Gianmarco
2011 The role of international production sharing in EU productivity and competitivenessAltomonte, Carlo; Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2012 Global value chains during the great trade collapse: a bullwhip effect?Altomonte, Carlo; di Mauro, Filippo; Ottaviano, Gianmarco; Rungi, Armando; Vicard, Vincent
2012 The EU-EFIGE/Bruegel-UniCredit datasetAltomonte, Carlo; Aquilante, Tommaso
2013 Business groups as hierarchies of firms: determinants of vertical integration and performanceAltomonte, Carlo; Rungi, Armando
2013 Business groups as hierarchies of firms: Determinants of vertical integration and performanceAltomonte, Carlo; Rungi, Armando
2014 Asset-backed securities: The key to unlocking Europe's credit markets?Altomonte, Carlo; Bussoli, Patrizia
2014 Micro-based evidence of EU competitiveness: the CompNet databaseLopez-Garcia, Paloma; di Mauro, Filippo; Benatti, Nicola; Angeloni, Chiara; Altomonte, Carlo; Bugamelli, Matteo; D’Aurizio, Leandro; Navaretti, Giorgio Barba; Forlani, Emanuele; Rossetti, Stefania; Zurlo, Davide; Berthou, Antoine; Sandoz-Dit-Bragard, Charlotte; Dhyne, Emmanuel; Amador, João; Opromolla, Luca David; Soares, Ana Cristina; Chiriacescu, Bogdan; Cazacu, Ana-Maria; Lalinsky, Tibor
2015 Assessing the financial and financing conditions of firms in Europe: the financial module in CompNetFerrando, Annalisa; Altomonte, Carlo; Blank, Sven; Meinen, Philipp; Iudice, Matteo; Felt, Marie-Hélène; Neugebauer, Katja; Siedschlag, Iulia
2019 Collective Emotions and Protest VoteAltomonte, Carlo; Gennaro, Gloria; Passarelli, Francesco