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2003 The Effects of Foreign Owned Firms on the Labor MarketAlmeida, Rita K.
2005 Enforcement of regulation, informal labor and firm performanceAlmeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro
2006 The return to the firm investment in human capitalAlmeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro
2007 Inequality and employment in a dual economy: enforcement of labor regulation in BrazilAlmeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro
2007 Jump starting self-employment? evidence among welfare participants in ArgentinaAlmeida, Rita K.; Galasso, Emanuela
2007 Openness and technological innovations in developing countries: evidence from firm-level surveysAlmeida, Rita K.; Fernandes, Ana Margarida
2009 Openness and technological innovation in East Asia: have they increased the demand for skills?Almeida, Rita K.
2010 The investment in job training: Why are SMEs lagging so much behind?Almeida, Rita K.; Aterido, Reyes
2011 Enforcement of labor regulation and informalityAlmeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro
2011 Firing regulations and firm size in the developing world: Evidence from differential enforcementAlmeida, Rita K.; Susanli, Z. Bilgen
2012 Entrepreneurship training and self-employment among university graduates: Evidence from a randomized trial in TunisiaPremand, Patrick; Brodmann, Stefanie; Almeida, Rita K.; Grun, Rebekka; Barouni, Mahdi
2014 The wage returns to on-the-job training: Evidence from matched employer-employee dataAlmeida, Rita K.; Faria, Marta
2014 The Impact of Vocational Training for the Unemployed: Experimental Evidence from TurkeyHirshleifer, Sarojini; McKenzie, David; Almeida, Rita K.; Ridao-Cano, Cristobal
2014 The Wage Returns to On-the-Job Training: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee DataAlmeida, Rita K.; de Faria, Marta Lince
2015 Investing in formal on-the-job training: Are SMEs lagging much behind?Almeida, Rita K.; Aterido, Reyes
2017 Does the adoption of complex software impact employment composition and the skill content of occupations? Evidence from Chilean firmsAlmeida, Rita K.; Fernandes, Ana Margarida
2017 Does the Adoption of Complex Software Impact Employment Composition and the Skill Content of Occupations? Evidence from Chilean FirmsAlmeida, Rita K.; Fernandes, Ana Margarida; Viollaz, Mariana
2017 The Impact of Digital Technologies on Worker Tasks: Do Labor Policies Matter?Almeida, Rita K.; Corseuil, Carlos Henrique; Poole, Jennifer P.
2017 The Impact of Digital Technologies on Worker Tasks: Do Labor Policies Matter?Almeida, Rita K.; Carlos H. L, Corseuil; Poole, Jennifer
2018 Enforcement of labor regulations and job flows: Evidence from Brazilian citiesAbras, Ana; Almeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro; Corseuil, Carlos Henrique L.