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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Strict liability as a deterrent in toxic waste management: Empirical evidence from accident and spill dataAlberini, Anna; Austin, David H.
2001 The willingness to pay for mortality risk reductions: A comparison of the United States and CanadaAlberini, Anna; Krupnick, Alan; Cropper, Maureen; Simon, Nathalie; Cook, Joseph
2002 The Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions: A Comparison of the United States and CanadaAlberini, Anna; Krupnick, Alan; Cropper, Maureen; Simon, Nathalie; Cook, Joseph
2002 Can people value the aesthetic and use services of urban sites? Evidence from a survey of Belfast residentsAlberini, Anna; Riganti, Patrizia; Longo, Alberto
2003 The Role of Liability, Regulation and Economic Incentives in Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment: Evidence from Surveys of DevelopersAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto; Tonin, Stefania; Trombetta, Francesco; Turvani, Margherita
2004 Robustness of VSL Values from Contingent Valuation SurveysAlberini, Anna
2004 Information and Willingness to Pay in a Contingent Valuation Study: The Value of S. Erasmo in the Lagoon of VeniceAlberini, Anna; Rosato, Paolo; Longo, Alberto; Zanatta, Valentina
2004 Willingness to Pay to Reduce Mortality Risks: Evidence from a Three-Country Contingent Valuation StudyAlberini, Anna; Hunt, Alistair; Markandya, Anil
2004 Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions: Does Latency Matter?Alberini, Anna; Cropper, Maureen; Krupnick, Alan; Simon, Nathalie B.
2005 Detecting Starting Point Bias in Dichotomous-Choice Contingent Valuation SurveysVeronesi, Marcella; Alberini, Anna; Cooper, Joseph C.
2005 Combining Actual and Contingent Behavior to Estimate the Value of Sports Fishing in the Lagoon of VeniceAlberini, Anna; Zanatta, Valentina; Rosato, Paolo
2005 Using Expert Judgment to Assess Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change: Evidence From a Conjoint Choice SurveyAlberini, Anna; Chiabai, Aline; Muehlenbachs, Lucija
2005 Was It Something I Ate? Implementation of the FDA Seafood HACCP ProgramAlberini, Anna; Lichtenberg, Erik; Mancini, Dominic; Galinato, Gregmar I.
2005 The Value of Cultural Heritage Sites in Armenia: Evidence from a Travel Cost Method StudyAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2005 Urban Environmental Health and Sensitive Populations: How Much are the Italians Willing to Pay to Reduce Their Risks?Alberini, Anna; Chiabai, Aline
2005 What are the Effects of Contamination Risks on Commercial and Industrial Properties? Evidence from Baltimore, MarylandLongo, Alberto; Alberini, Anna
2005 Public Preferences for Land uses' changes - valuing urban regeneration projects at the Venice ArsenaleRiganti, Patrizia; Alberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2006 Paying for Permanence: Public Preferences for Contaminated Site CleanupAlberini, Anna; Tonin, Stefania; Turvani, Margherita; Chiabai, Aline
2006 Estimating the Value of Safety with Labor Market Data: Are the Results Trustworthy?Hintermann, Beat; Alberini, Anna; Markandya, Anil
2006 Using Surveys to Compare the PublicÂ’s and DecisionmakersÂ’ Preferences for Urban Regeneration: The Venice ArsenaleAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto; Riganti, Patrizia