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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989The Size of Firms and Economic Performance. Industrial Economics in between Renaissance of Small Firms and Merger-ManiaAiginger, Karl; Tichy, Gunther
1997The Privatization Experiment in AustriaAiginger, Karl
1999Do Industrial Structures Converge? A Survey on the Empirical Literature on Specialisation and Concentration of IndustriesAiginger, Karl
2002Competitive Economic Performance: The European ViewAiginger, Karl; Landesmann, Michael
2002Competitive Economic Performance: USA versus EUAiginger, Karl; Landesmann, Michael
2003The Relative Importance of Labour Market Reforms to Economic GrowthAiginger, Karl
2003A Three Tier Strategy for Successful European Countries in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2003Insufficient investment into future growth: the forgotten cause of low growth in GermanyAiginger, Karl
2003Catching-up in Europe: The Experiences of Portugal, Spain and Greece in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2004Labour Market Reforms and Economic Growth. The European Experience in the NinetiesAiginger, Karl
2005The European Socio-Economic Model. Differences to the USA and Changes over TimeAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois
2006The ability to adapt: Why it differs between the Scandinavian and Continental European modelsAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois
2007Performance Differences in Europe: Tentative Hypotheses on the Role of InstitutionsAiginger, Karl
2007Reform Perspectives on Welfare State Models in Global CapitalismAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois; Leoni, Thomas; Walterskirchen, Ewald
2007The Swedish Economic ModelAiginger, Karl
2008The Impact of Competition on Macroeconomic PerformanceAiginger, Karl
2009The Current Economic Crisis: Causes, Cures and ConsequencesAiginger, Karl
2009The Great Recession vs. the Great Depression. Stylised Facts on Siblings that Were Given Different Foster ParentsAiginger, Karl
2009Globale Krise und Herausforderung für ÖsterreichAiginger, Karl
2009Strengthening the resilience of an economy: Enlarging the menu of stabilisation policy to prevent another crisisAiginger, Karl