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2000 Ordnungspolitik und Treibhauseffekt - eine ErwiderungAhlheim, Michael; Lehr, Ulrike
2000 Ordnungspolitik und Treibhauseffekt: Wo bleiben die Bürgerpräferenzen?Ahlheim, Michael; Lehr, Ulrike
2000 Allowing for Household Preferences in Emission Trading - A Contribution to the Climate Policy DebateAhlheim, Michael; Schneider, Friedrich
2000 Allowing for household preferences in emission trading-A contribution to the climate policy debateAhlheim, Michael; Schneider, Friedrich
2007 Macht Geld glücklich? Verbraucherpolitische Überlegungen zum fiskalischen Ziel der staatlichen GlücksspielregulierungAhlheim, Michael; Zahn, Andreas
2010 Labour as a utility measure in contingent valuation studies: how good is it really?Ahlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Heinke, Antonia; Duc, Nguyen Minh; Dinh, Pham Van
2010 Drinking and protecting: a market approach to the preservation of cork oak landscapesAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver
2011 Respondent incentives in contingent valuation: The role of reciprocityAhlheim, Michael; Börger, Tobias; Frör, Oliver
2011 Der Markt ist in Bewegung geraten: Glücksspiel-StaatsvertragAhlheim, Michael
2011 Versagt die Verbraucherpolitik?Ahlheim, Michael; Zahn, Andreas; Billen, Gerd; Roosen, Jutta; Strünck, Christoph
2012 The ecological price of getting rich in a green desert: A contingent valuation study in rural Southwest ChinaAhlheim, Michael; Börger, Tobias; Frör, Oliver
2013 Considering household size in Contingent Valuation studiesAhlheim, Michael; Schneider, Friedrich
2013 Nonuse values of climate policy: An empirical study in Xinjiang and BeijingAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Tong, Jiang; Jing, Luo; Pelz, Sonna
2013 Considering Household Size in Contingent Valuation StudiesAhlheim, Michael; Schneider, Friedrich
2013 The influence of ethnicity and culture on the valuation of environmental improvements: Results from a CVM study in Southwest ChinaAhlheim, Michael; Börger, Tobias; Frör, Oliver
2014 Chinese urbanites and the preservation of rare species in remote parts of the country: The example of EaglewoodAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Langenberger, Gerhard; Pelz, Sonna
2016 Non-trading behaviour in choice experimentsAhlheim, Michael; Neidhardt, Jan
2017 Labour as a utility measure reconsideredAhlheim, Michael; Frör, Oliver; Nguyen Minh Duc; Rehl, Antonia; Siepmann, Ute; Pham Van Dinh
2018 WeChat - using social media for the assessment of tourist preferences for environmental improvements in ChinaAhlheim, Michael; Neidhardt, Jan; Siepmann, Ute; Yu, Xiaomin
2018 Wasted! Resource recovery and waste management in CubaAhlheim, Michael; Becker, Maike; Allegue Losada, Yeniley; Trastl, Heike