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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011From Periphery to Core: Economic Adjustments to High Speed RailFeddersen, Arne; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel
2012On prisoner's dilemmas and gilded cages: The economics of heritage preservationAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Möller, Kristoffer; Waights, Sevrin; Wendland, Nicolai
2013Urban renewal after the Berlin WallRichter, Felix; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Maennig, Wolfgang
2013Homevoters vs. Leasevoters: A Spatial Analysis of Airport EffectsAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Maennig, Wolfgang
2013UrbanityAhlfeldt, Gabriel
2013Chicken or egg? Transport and urban development in BerlinMoeller, Kristoffer; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Wendland, Nicolai
2013The economics of conservation area designationAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Moeller, Kristoffer; Waights, Sevrin; Wendland, Nicolai
2013The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin WallSturm, Daniel; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Redding, Stephen; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013Urban Renewal after the Berlin WallAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Maennig, Wolfgang; Richter, Felix J.
2014Urban renewal after the Berlin Wall - A place-based policy evaluationFelix, Richter; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Maennig, Wolfgang
2014New Estimates of the Elasticity of Substitution of Land for CapitalAhlfeldt, Gabriel; McMillen, Daniel P.
2015Distinctively different: A new approach to valuing architectural amenitiesAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Holman, Nancy
2015Speed 2.0 - Evaluating Access to Universal Digital HighwaysAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Koutroumpis, Pantelis; Valletti, Tommaso
2016Ease vs. Noise: On the Conflicting Effects of Transportation InfrastructureAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Nitsch, Volker; Wendland, Nicolai
2016Après Nous le Déluge? Direct Democracy and Intergenerational Conflicts in Ageing SocietiesAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Maennig, Wolfgang; Steenbeck, Malte
2017Tall Building and Land Values: Height and Construction Cost Elasticities in Chicago, 1870 - 2010Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; McMillen, Daniel
2017The Economic Effects of Density: A SynthesisAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Pietrostefani, Elisabetta
2018The Regional Effects of a National Minimum WageAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Roth, Duncan; Seidel, Tobias
2020The Economics of Skyscrapers: A SynthesisAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Barr, Jason
2020Prime LocationsAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Albers, Thilo N. H.; Behrens, Kristian