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1990 On the Optimal Rate of ObsolescenceAgliardi, Elettra
1991 Discontinuous Adoption Paths With Dynamic Scale EconomiesAgliardi, Elettra
1991 Self-Reinforcing Mechanisms, Recontracting Processes and Punctuated Equilibria: is Lock-in to a Market Position a Permanent Outcome?Agliardi, Elettra
1991 Competing Technologies and Lock-in by Random EventsAgliardi, Elettra
1992 Self-Reinforcing Mechanisms and Market InformationAgliardi, Elettra; Bebbington, Mark S.
1997 The Efficiency of Non-Profit Organisations: Moral and Social NormsAgliardi, Elettra; Zagonari, Fabio
2002 Feedback effects of dynamic hedging strategies in the presence of transaction costsAndergassen, Rainer; Agliardi, Elettra
2003 Incentives of stock option based compensationAgliardi, Elettra; Andergassen, Rainer
2006 Last Resort Gambles, Risky Debt and Liquidation PolicyAgliardi, Elettra; Andergassen, Rainer
2007 Bank Closure Policies and Capital Requirements: a NoteAgliardi, Elettra
2008 A fuzzy model for sensitivity analysis in real optionsAgliardi, Elettra; Guerra, Maria Letizia; Stefanini, Luciano
2009 The fuzzy value of patent litigation under imprecise informationAgliardi, Elettra
2011 The effects of environmental taxes and quotas on the optimal timing of emission reductions under Choquet-Brownian uncertaintyAgliardi, Elettra; Sereno, Luigi
2012 On the optimal timing of switching from non-renewable to renewable resources: dirty vs clean energy sources and the relative efficiency of generatorsAgliardi, Elettra; Sereno, Luigi
2014 Assessing temporal trends and industry contributions to air and water pollution using stochastic dominanceAgliardi, Elettra; Pinar, Mehmet; Stengos, Thanasis
2014 Cash holdings and financing decisions under ambiguityAgliardi, Elettra; Agliardi, Rossella; Spanjers, Willem
2014 Debt Maturity Choices, Multi-stage Investments and Financing ConstraintsAgliardi, Elettra; Koussis, Nicos