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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Inference, arbitrage, and asset price volatilityAdrian, Tobias
2004 Learning about beta: A new look at CAPM testsAdrian, Tobias; Franzoni, Francesco
2006 Stock returns and volatility: Pricing the short-run and long-run components of market riskAdrian, Tobias; Rosenberg, Joshua
2006 Disagreement and learning in a dynamic contracting modelAdrian, Tobias; Westerfield, Mark M.
2008 CoVaRAdrian, Tobias; Brunnermeier, Markus K.
2008 Liquidity and leverageAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2008 Financial intermediary leverage and value-at-riskAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2008 Pricing the term structure with linear regressionsAdrian, Tobias; Moench, Emanuel
2008 Financial intermediaries, financial stability, and monetary policyAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2009 Money, liquidity, and monetary policyAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2009 Monetary tightening cycles and the predictability of economic activityAdrian, Tobias; Estrella, Arturo
2009 The term structure of inflation expectationsAdrian, Tobias; Wu, Hao
2009 The shadow banking system: Implications for financial regulationAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2009 Prices and quantities in the monetary policy transmission mechanismAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2009 Global liquidity and exchange ratesAdrian, Tobias; Etula, Erkko; Shin, Hyun Song
2010 Shadow bankingPozsar, Zoltan; Adrian, Tobias; Ashcraft, Adam; Boesky, Hayley
2010 Financial amplification of foreign exchange risk premiaAdrian, Tobias; Etula, Erkko; Groen, Jan J. J.
2010 The Federal Reserve's commercial paper funding facilityAdrian, Tobias; Kimbrough, Karin; Marchioni, Dina
2010 The changing nature of financial intermediation and the financial crisis of 2007-09Adrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2010 Financial intermediation, asset prices, and macroeconomic dynamicsAdrian, Tobias; Moench, Emanuel; Shin, Hyun Song