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2016The Belarus Economy: The Challenges of Stalled ReformsAdarov, Amat; Bornukova, Kateryna; Dobrinsky, Rumen; Havlik, Peter; Hunya, Gabor; Kruk, Dzmitry; Pindyuk, Olga
2016Backwardness, Industrialisation and Economic Development in EuropeAdarov, Amat; Holzner, Mario; Sikic, Luka
2017Challenges of DCFTAs: How can Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine succeed?Adarov, Amat; Havlik, Peter
2017Financial Cycles in Credit, Housing and Capital Markets: Evidence from Systemic EconomiesAdarov, Amat
2018Estimation of Aggregate and Segment-specific Financial Cycles for a Global Sample of CountriesAdarov, Amat
2018Eurasian Economic Integration: Impact Evaluation Using the Gravity Model and the Synthetic Control MethodsAdarov, Amat
2018Financial Cycles Around the WorldAdarov, Amat
2019Implications of foreign direct investment, capital formation and its structure for global value chainsAdarov, Amat; Stehrer, Robert
2019Financial cycles in Europe: Dynamics, synchronicity and implications for business cycles and macroeconomic imbalancesAdarov, Amat
2019Dynamic Interactions Between Financial and Macroeconomic Imbalances: A Panel VAR AnalysisAdarov, Amat
2019Tangible and intangible assets in the growth performance of the EU, Japan and the USAdarov, Amat; Stehrer, Robert
2020New productivity drivers: Revisiting the role of digital capital, FDI and integration at aggregate and sectoral levelsAdarov, Amat; Stehrer, Robert
2020The impact of the EAEU-Iran preferential trade agreementAdarov, Amat; Ghodsi, Mahdi
2020Capital dynamics, global value chains, competitiveness and barriers to FDI and capital accumulation in the EUAdarov, Amat; Stehrer, Robert
2021Central, East and Southeast European countries in the global value chain networkAdarov, Amat
2021Heterogeneous effects of nontariff measures on cross-border investments: Bilateral firm-level analysisAdarov, Amat; Ghodsi, Mahdi
2021Labour taxes and international trade: The role of domestic labour value addedAdarov, Amat; Holzner, Mario; Jovanović, Branimir; Vukšić, Goran
2021The information and communication technology cluster in the global value chain networkAdarov, Amat
2021Interactions between global value chains and foreign direct investment: A network approachAdarov, Amat
2021Production and trade of ICT from an EU perspectiveGhodsi, Mahdi; Adarov, Amat; Exadaktylos, Dimitrios; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman