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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Managing investment risks of institutional private equity investors: The challenge of illiquidityKaserer, Christoph; Wagner, Niklas; Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2004 Charakteristika und Erfolgsmerkmale junger, deutscher Unternehmen: Schwerpunkt FinanzierungAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Kaserer, Christoph; Wagner, Niklas; Poech, Angela; Brixner, Martin; Buchner, Axel; Moldenhauer, Benjamin
2004 What you get is what you need? The role of venture capitalists in managing growth of new venturesAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Fingerle, Christian H.
2005 Employment contribution of private equity and venture capital in EuropeAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Klöckner, Oliver
2005 Real Estate Private Equity: Funktion und Bedeutung einer AnlageklasseAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Wagner, Niklas
2005 Beteiligungskapital und selektive Informationssuche in mittelständischen UnternehmenAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Poech, Angela; Groth, Thorsten
2005 Private equity funds and hedge funds: a primerAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Kaserer, Christoph
2007 Entrepreneurship education in German speaking Europe: a mappingAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Kaserer, Christoph; Jarchow, Svenja; Wilson, Karen
2007 Quantitative valuation of platform technology based intangibles companiesAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Nathusius, Eva; Schraml, Stephanie
2008 Do corporate governance motives drive hedge funds and private equity activities?Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Betzer, André; Gider, Jasmin
2008 Community development venture capital: concept and status quo in GermanyAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Braun, Reiner; Bender, Marko; Geidner, Annabell
2008 Private equity entities and conglomerates: what are the differences?Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Müller, Kay
2008 Private equity minority investments in large family firms: what influences the attitude of family firm owners?Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Schraml, Stephanie; Tappeiner, Florian
2008 Economic consequences of private equity investments on the German stock marketAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Andres, Christian; Betzer, André; Weir, Charlie
2009 Langfristiges Wachstum durch Forschung und InnovationAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Allmendinger, Jutta; Grupp, Hariolf; Harhoff, Dietmar; Llerena, Patrick; Luther, Joachim
2009 Influence of internal factors on the use of equity- and mezzanine-based financing in family firmsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Lutz, Eva; Schraml, Stephanie
2009 Structure and determinants of financial covenants in leveraged buyouts - evidence from an economy with strong creditor rightsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Braun, Reiner; Tappeiner, Florian
2009 The German entrepreneurial index (GEX®): a primer on an ownership-based style index in GermanyAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Kaserer, Christoph; Ampenberger, Markus; Bitsch, Florian
2009 Angels or demons? Evidence on the impact of private equity firms on employmentNathusius, Eva; Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2009 Goal structures in family firms: empirical evidence on the relationship between firm and family goalsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin; Braun, Reiner; Schraml, Stephanie; Welter, Juliane