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2005Youth poverty in Europe: what do we know?Aassve, Arnstein; Iacovou, Maria; Mencarini, Letizia
2005Poverty and the transition to adulthood: risky situations and risky eventsAassve, Arnstein; Davia, Maria A.; Iacovou, Maria; Mencarini, Letizia
2005Does leaving home make you poor? Evidence from 13 European countriesAassve, Arnstein; Davia, Maria A.; Iacovou, Maria
2005Poverty and fertility in less developed countries: a comparative analysisAassve, Arnstein; Engelhardt, Henriette; Francavilla, Francesca; Kedir, Abbi; Kim, Jungho; Mealli, Fabrizia; Mencarini, Letizia; Pudney, Stephen; Prskawetz, Alexia
2005Does fertility decrease the welfare of households? An analysis of poverty dynamics and fertility in IndonesiaJungho Kim; Engelhardt, Henriette; Prskawetz, Alexia; Aassve, Arnstein
2005Modelling poverty by not modelling poverty: an application of a simultaneous hazards approach to the UKAassve, Arnstein; Burgess, Simon; Dickson, Matt; Propper, Carol
2006Fertility and its consequence on family labour supplyKim, Jungho; Aassve, Arnstein
2006Income and childbearing decisions: evidence from ItalyRondinelli, Concetta; Aassve, Arnstein; Billari, Francesco C.
2006State dependence and causal feedback of poverty and fertility in EthiopiaAassve, Arnstein; Kedir, Abbi; Weldegebriel, Habtu Tadesse
2006Marital disruption and economic well-being: a comparative analysisAassve, Arnstein; Betti, Gianni; Mazzuco, Stefano; Mencarini, Letizia
2006Socio-economic differences in postponement and recuperation of fertility in Italy: results from a multi-spell random effect modelRondinelli, Concetta; Aassve, Arnstein; Billari, Francesco C.
2006The highest fertility in Europe: for how long? The analysis of fertility change in Albania based on individual dataAassve, Arnstein; Gjonca, Arjan; Mencarini, Letizia
2007Dynamic multi-level analysis of households' living standards and poverty: evidence from VietnamAassve, Arnstein; Arpino, Bruno
2008Poverty permanence among European youthMendola, Daria; Busetta, Annalisa; Aassve, Arnstein
2008Estimation of causal effects of fertility on economic wellbeing: evidence from rural VietnamAassve, Arnstein; Arpino, Bruno