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2008The spending and debt response to minimum wage hikesAaronson, Daniel; Agarwal, Sumit; French, Eric
2009The impact of Rosenwald Schools on black achievementAaronson, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhashkar
2011Fertility transitions along the extensive and intensive marginsAaronson, Daniel; Lange, Fabian; Mazumder, Bhashkar
2013Firm dynamics and the minimum wage: A putty-clay approachAaronson, Daniel; French, Eric; Sorkin, Isaac
2016Wage shocks and the technological substitution of low-wage jobsAaronson, Daniel; Phelan, Brian J.
2017The effects of the 1930s HOLC "redlining" mapsAaronson, Daniel; Hartley, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhashkar
2017Wage shocks and the technological substitution of low-wage jobsAaronson, Daniel; Phelan, Brian J.
2017The Effect of Fertility on Mothers' Labor Supply over the Last Two CenturiesAaronson, Daniel; Dehejia, Rajeev; Jordan, Andrew; Pop-Eleches, Cristian; Samii, Cyrus; Schulze, Karl
2017The effect of fertility on mothers' labor supply over the last two centuriesAaronson, Daniel; Dehejia, Rajeev H.; Jordan, Andrew; Pop-Eleches, Christian; Samii, Cyrus; Schulze, Karl
2018Internal immigrant mobility in the early 20th century: Experimental evidence from Galveston immigrantsAaronson, Daniel; Davis, Jonathan; Schulze, Karl
2020The long-run effects of the 1930s HOLC "redlining" maps on place-based measures of economic opportunity and socioeconomic successAaronson, Daniel; Faber, Jacob; Hartley, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhashkar; Sharkey, Patrick
2020Using the eye of the storm to predict the wave of Covid-19 UI claimsAaronson, Daniel; Brave, Scott A.; Butters, R. Andrew; Sacks, Daniel; Seo, Boyoung
2020The evolution of technological substitution in low-wage labor marketsAaronson, Daniel; Phelan, Brian J.
2021Tracking U.S. consumers in real time with a new Weekly Index of Retail TradeBrave, Scott A.; Fogarty, Michael; Aaronson, Daniel; Karger, Ezra; Krane, Spencer David
2022The long-run effects of the 1930s redlining maps on childrenAaronson, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhashkar; Hartley, Daniel; Stinson, Martha
2023The lasting impact of historical residential security maps on experienced segregationAaronson, Daniel; Han, Joel Kaiyuan; Hartley, Daniel A.; Mazumder, Bhashkar