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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Investigating the Balassa-Samuelson hypothesis in transition: Do we understand what we see?Égert, Balázs
2004Assessing equilibrium exchange rates in CEE acceding countries: can we have DEER with BEER without FEER? A critical survey of the literatureÉgert, Balázs
2004Equilibrium exchange rates in the transition: the tradable price-based real appreciation and estimation uncertaintyÉgert, Balázs; Lommatzsch, Kirsten
2005Equilibrium exchange rates in Central and Eastern Europe: A meta-regression analysisÉgert, Balázs; Halpern, László
2005Equilibrium Exchange Rates in Transition Economies: Taking Stock of the IssuesÉgert, Balázs; Halpern, László; MacDonald, Ronald
2005Non-linear exchange rate dynamics in target zones : a bumpy road towards a honeymoon ; some evidence from the ERM, ERM2 and selected new EU member statesCrespo-Cuaresma, Jesús; Égert, Balázs; MacDonald, Ronald
2005Equilibrium exchange rates in Southeastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey: healthy or (Dutch) diseased?Égert, Balázs
2005Exchange rate regimes, foreign exchange volatility and export performance in Central and Eastern Europe: just another blur project?Égert, Balázs; Morales-Zumaquero, Amalia
2006Transmission mechanism in transition economies: surveying the surveyableÉgert, Balázs; MacDonald, Ronald
2006Monetary transmission mechanism in Central and Eastern Europe: gliding on a wind of changeCoricelli, Fabrizio; Égert, Balázs; MacDonald, Ronald
2006Central Bank Interventions, Communication and Interest Rate Policy in Emerging European EconomiesÉgert, Balázs
2006Monetary transmission mechanism in transition economies: Surveying the surveyableMacDonald, Ronald; Égert, Balázs
2006Interventions, communication and interest rate policy in emerging European economiesÉgert, Balázs
2007Real convergence, price level convergence and inflation differentials in EuropeÉgert, Balázs
2007Real Convergence, Price Level Convergence and Inflation Differentials in EuropeÉgert, Balázs
2007Real convergence, price level convergence and inflation in EuropeÉgert, Balázs
2007Determinants of house prices in Central and Eastern EuropeÉgert, Balázs; Mihaljek, Dubravko
2007Real exchange rate dynamics in Macedonia: Old wisdoms and new insightsBogoev, Jane; Bojceva Terzijan, Sultanija; Égert, Balázs; Petrovska, Magdalena
2007Dutch disease scare in Kazakhstan: is it real?Égert, Balázs; Leonard, Carol S.
2007Real exchange rates in small open OECD and transition economies: comparing apples with oranges?Égert, Balázs; Lommatzsch, Kirsten; Lahrèche-Révil, Amina