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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 A longitudinal study of migration propensities for mixed ethnic unions in England and WalesFeng, Zhiqiang; van Ham, Maarten; Boyle, Paul; Raab, Gillian M.
2012 Neighbourhood effects research at a crossroads: Ten challenges for future researchvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2012 Neighbourhood Effects Research at a Crossroads: Ten Challenges for Future Researchvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2013 Neighbourhood Selection of Non-Western Ethnic Minorities: Testing the Own-Group Preference Hypothesis Using a Conditional Logit ModelBoschman, Sanne; van Ham, Maarten
2013 New Directions for Residential Mobility Research: Linking Lives through Time and SpaceCoulter, Rory; van Ham, Maarten; Findlay, Allan M.
2013 Neighbourhood Effects on Migrant Youth's Educational Commitments: An Enquiry into Personality DifferencesNieuwenhuis, Jaap; Hooimeijer, Pieter; van Ham, Maarten; Meeus, Wim
2013 Occupational Mobility and Living in Deprived Neighbourhoods: Housing Tenure Differences in 'Neighbourhood Effects'van Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2013 Lessons learned from the largest tenure mix operation in the world: Right to buy in the United KingdomKleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2014 Ageing in a Long-term Regeneration Neighbourhood: A Disruptive Experience or Successful Ageing in Place?Kleinhans, Reinout; Veldboer, Lex; Jansen, Sylvia; van Ham, Maarten
2014 Ethnic Differences in Realising Desires to Leave the NeighbourhoodBoschman, Sanne; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2014 Neighborhood Decline and the Economic CrisisZwiers, Merle; Bolt, Gideon; van Ham, Maarten; van Kempen, Ronald
2014 Shrinking Regions in a Shrinking Country: The Geography of Population Decline in Lithuania 2001-2011Ubarevičienė, Rūta; van Ham, Maarten; Burneika, Donatas
2015 Divided Cities: Increasing Socio-Spatial Polarization within Large Cities in the NetherlandsZwiers, Merle; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2015 Gender Differences in the Effect of Residential Segregation on Workplace Segregation among Newly Arrived ImmigrantsTammaru, Tiit; Strömgren, Magnus; van Ham, Maarten; Danzer, Alexander M.
2015 Community Entrepreneurship in Deprived Neighbourhoods: Comparing UK Community Enterprises with US Community Development CorporationsVarady, David P.; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2015 Mandatory Volunteer Work as Fair Reciprocity for Unemployment and Social Benefits?Veldboer, Lex; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2015 The Moderating Effect of Higher Education on Intergenerational Spatial Inequalityde Vuijst, Elise; van Ham, Maarten; Kleinhans, Reinout
2015 Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: Increasing Separation between Poor and RichMusterd, Sako; Marcińczak, Szymon; van Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2015 Types of Spatial Mobility and the Ethnic Context of Destination Neighbourhoods in EstoniaMägi, Kadi; Leetmaa, Kadri; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten
2016 Population Decline in Lithuania: Who Lives in Declining Regions and Who Leaves?Ubarevičienė, Rūta; van Ham, Maarten