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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006Panel 1: The new global division of labourWhalley, John
2006Recent regional agreements: why so many, why so much variance in form, why coming so fast, and where are they headed?Whalley, John
2008Bringing the Copenhagen global climate change negotiations to conclusionWhalley, John; Walsh, Sean
2009Chinese experience with global G3 standard-settingWhalley, John; Zhou, Weimin; An, Xiaopeng
2009Trade retaliation in a monetary-trade modelWhalley, John; Yu, Jun; Zhang, Shunming
2009A third benefit of joint non-OPEC carbon taxes : transferring OPEC monopoly rentDong, Yan; Whalley, John
2009On the arbitrariness of consumptionWhalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2009On the effectiveness of carbon-motivated border tax adjustmentsWhalley, John
2009Trade sanctions, financial transfers and BRIC's participation in global climate change negotiationsTian, Huifang; Whalley, John; Cai, Yuezhou
2010The rapidly deepening India-China economic relationshipWhalley, John; Shekhar, Tanmaya
2010The deepening China Brazil economic relationshipWhalley, John; Medianu, Dana
2011What Role for Trade in a Post 2012 Global Climate Policy RegimeWhalley, John
2012External Sector Rebalancing and Endogenous Trade Imbalance ModelsWhalley, John
2012The sustainability of Chinese growth and the aggregate factor substitution elasticityWhalley, John; Xing, Chunbing
2012The possibilities for global inequality and poverty reduction using revenues from global carbon pricingDavies, James B.; Shi, Xiaojun; Whalley, John
2013Decomposing China's Export Growth into Extensive Margin, Export Quality and Quantity EffectsGao, Yue; Whalley, John; Ren, Yonglei
2013Heterogeneous Firms in a Product Fragmentation WorldGao, Yue; Whalley, John
2014Effective VAT Rates and Administrative Discretion in ChinaCai, Weixian; Whalley, John
2015China's Anti-Dumping Problems and Mitigation through Regional Trade AgreementsSun, Yanlin; Whalley, John
2016China's trade policiesWhalley, John