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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Can Transparency of Information Reduce Embezzlement? Experimental Evidence from TanzaniaDi Falco, Salvatore; Magdalou, Brice; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie Claire; Willinger, Marc
2016 Cheating in the Lab Predicts Fraud in the Field: An Experiment in Public TransportationsDai, Zhixin; Galeotti, Fabio; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 Can lab experiments help design personnel policies?Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 The Tragedy of CorruptionChen, Yefeng; Jiang, Shuguang; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 The Spillover Effects of Affirmative Action on Competitiveness and Unethical BehaviorBanerjee, Ritwik; Datta Gupta, Nabanita; Villeval, Marie Claire
2017 Gender and Peer Effects in Social NetworksBeugnot, Julie; Fortin, Bernard; Lacroix, Guy; Villeval, Marie Claire
2017 Exclusion and Reintegration in a Social DilemmaSolda, Alice; Villeval, Marie Claire
2018 Does Decentralization of Decisions Increase the Stability of Large Groups?Bjedov, Tjaša; Lapointe, Simon; Madies, Thierry; Villeval, Marie Claire
2018 Embezzlement and Guilt AversionAttanasi, Giuseppe; Rimbaud, Claire; Villeval, Marie Claire
2018 Motivated Memory in Dictator GamesSaucet, Charlotte; Villeval, Marie Claire
2018 A Method to Estimate Mean Lying Rates and Their Full DistributionGarbarino, Ellen; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2019 Unethical Behavior and Group Identity in ContestsBenistant, Julien; Villeval, Marie Claire
2019 Do Measures of Risk Attitude in the Laboratory Predict Behavior under Risk in and outside of the Laboratory?Charness, Gary; Garcia, Thomas; Offerman, Theo; Villeval, Marie Claire
2019 Ambiguity and Excuse-Driven Behavior in Charitable GivingGarcia, Thomas; Massoni, Sebastien; Villeval, Marie Claire
2019 Why Join a Team?Cooper, David J.; Saral, Krista; Villeval, Marie Claire
2019 The Effects of Status Mobility and Group Identity on TrustSuchon, Rémi; Villeval, Marie Claire
2020 Performance Feedback and Peer EffectsVilleval, Marie Claire
2020 Fraud Deterrence Institutions Reduce Intrinsic HonestyGaleotti, Fabio; Maggian, Valeria; Villeval, Marie Claire
2021 The Distinct Impact of Information and Incentives on CheatingBenistant, Julien; Galeotti, Fabio; Villeval, Marie Claire