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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Member heterogeneity in agricultural cooperatives: A systems-theoretic perspectiveIliopoulos, Constantine; Valentinov, Vladislav
2019 The moral complexity of agriculture: A challenge for corporate social responsibilityde Olde, Evelien M.; Valentinov, Vladislav
2020 Public and community conservation of biodiversity — rivalry or cooperation?Slavíková, Lenka; Smutná, Zdenka; Žambochová, Marta; Valentinov, Vladislav
2020 Agrarian vision, industrial vision, and rent-seeking: A viewpointJauernig, Johanna; Pies, Ingo; Thompson, Paul B.; Valentinov, Vladislav
2020 On complexity and transparency: The limits of taxonomic orderingValentinov, Vladislav; Verschraegen, Gert; van Assche, Kristof
2021 Stewardship and administrative capacity in green public procurement in the Czech Republic: Evidence from a large-N surveyPlaček, Michal; Valentinov, Vladislav; del Campo, Cristina; Vaceková, Gabriela; Ochrana, František; Šumpíková, Markéta
2021 Social capital in cooperatives: An evolutionary Luhmannian perspectiveValentinov, Vladislav; Iliopoulos, Constantine
2021 The ethics of corporate hypocrisy: An experimental approachJauernig, Johanna; Uhl, Matthias; Valentinov, Vladislav
2021 Food safety and value chain coordination in the context of a transition economy: The role of agricultural cooperativesImami, Drini; Valentinov, Vladislav; Skreli, Engjell
2022 Material dependencies: hidden underpinnings of sustainability transitionsVan Assche, Kristof; Duineveld, Martijn; Beunen, Raoul; Valentinov, Vladislav; Gruezmacher, Monica
2022 System or process? A meta-theoretical reflection on the nature of the firmValentinov, Vladislav
2022 Stakeholder theory and the knowledge problem: A Hayekian perspectiveValentinov, Vladislav
2022 Adaptive governance: Learning from what organizations do and managing the role they playvan Assche, Kristof; Valentinov, Vladislav; Verschraegen, Gert
2022 Chester Barnard’s theory of the firm: An institutionalist viewValentinov, Vladislav; Roth, Steffen
2022 Stakeholder theory: A process‐ontological perspectiveValentinov, Vladislav; Chia, Robert
2022 Gender heterogeneity and politics in decision-making about green public procurement in the Czech RepublicPlaček, Michal; del Campo, Cristina; Valentinov, Vladislav; Vaceková, Gabriela; Šumpíková, Markéta; Ochrana, František